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We Specialize in Ant Pest Control

Are you tired of dealing with ants infiltrating your home and disrupting your peace? Schopen Pest Solutions is your go-to pest control company serving Northern Illinois and Southeastern Wisconsin, offering ant control services. Our skilled team is well-versed in the best ways to get rid of ants, no matter their size or type. Don’t let ants continue to invade your living space. Take control of the situation today by contacting us.

Ant Control Services in IL and WI

Where Do Ants Live?

Ants are commonly found indoors in areas where they can access food sources, and moisture, and seek shelter. They tend to seek out hidden and protected places such as wall voids, spaces under appliances, behind window frames, and beneath floors. As commensal pests, ants have adapted to live near humans and are attracted to food items that we consume, including sweets, meats, starches, and liquids.

Where Are Ants Entering Your Home?

Ants can enter your home through various entry points. Here are some common areas where ants may be finding their way inside:

  • Cracks and Gaps in Windows and Doors – Ants can squeeze through tiny openings around windows and doors, especially if there are gaps in the seals or weather stripping.
  • Wall Penetrations – Ants can enter through utility penetrations, such as gaps around electrical outlets, plumbing pipes, or cable entry points.
  • Foundation Cracks – Small cracks or gaps in the foundation of your home can provide access for ants to enter from the outside.
  • Vents and Exhaust Openings – Ants can crawl through vents, exhaust openings, or other openings in the exterior of your home, especially if they are not properly screened or sealed.
  • Electrical Wiring and Cables – Ants can use electrical wiring or cables as pathways to enter your home, especially if there are gaps or openings where these enter the structure.

How Do I Get Rid of Ants?

If you’re wondering how to get rid of ants in your house, it’s crucial to maintain cleanliness, address moisture issues, and practice preventive measures. Effectively getting rid of ants requires the following:

  • Identify the Ant Species – Different ant species may require specific treatment methods, so it’s important to determine the type of ant you’re dealing with.
  • Remove Food Sources – Clean up crumbs, spills, and food debris that may attract ants. Store food in tightly sealed containers and promptly clean dirty dishes. Wipe down surfaces regularly to eliminate food odors.
  • Seal Entry Points – Use caulk or weather stripping to seal cracks, gaps, and openings where ants are entering your home. Pay attention to windows, doors, utility penetrations, and foundation cracks.
  • Eliminate Ant Trails – Wipe down ant trails with a mixture of vinegar and water or a mild detergent solution. This disrupts their pheromone trails, making it harder for ants to navigate and communicate.

Reliable & Affordable Ant Treatment

We provide ant control and treatment services for the following types of ants:

Contact Schopen Pest Solutions for Ant Treatment

Say goodbye to ant infestations and restore peace to your home with Schopen Pest Solutions, the trusted pest control company serving Northern Illinois and Southeastern Wisconsin. With our proven methods and extensive knowledge of how to permanently get rid of ants, we will eliminate ants from your property and prevent their return. Don’t let ants disrupt your daily life. Contact us today.

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