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Your Guide to Bug Pest Control in Illinois & Wisconsin

Pest infestations are more than a nuisance. When pests invade your home or business, your daily life and comfort become compromised. Fortunately, Schopen Pest Solutions is your guide to quality pest control services in Northern Illinois and Southeastern Wisconsin. Discover our comprehensive pest control FAQs to better understand the importance of managing pest infestations.

Your Pest Control Partner

With a wealth of experience, Schopen Pest Solutions is Northern Illinois and Southeastern Wisconsin’s leading pest control provider. We are committed to comprehensive pest control services that not only eliminate infestations but include preventative monitoring to mitigate the risk of future pest problems. Count on our experts for comprehensive solutions that preserve the comfort and security of your space.

Schopen Pest Solutions offers an array of pest control solutions. With treatments custom-tailored to your property, we extend our skill and know-how to the following types of pest control, including:

While we do offer one-time exterminator services, we encourage our customers to consider a proactive treatment plan. While a one-time exterminator solution may deal with the pests you can see, they are often insufficient at eradicating the source of the infestation. With reoccurring seasonal pest control solutions, customers can continuously combat infestations more effectively for prolonged protection and comfort.

At Schopen Pest Solutions, we prioritize the safety of your family and pets. We use environmentally sound pest control solution that, when used correctly, pose minimal threat to humans or household animals. Furthermore, we employ meticulous techniques to mitigate exposure to harmful chemicals while still providing effective pest control treatments.

If you are facing a pest infestation, store-bought or DIY pest control methods are not recommended. These products and DIY home remedies are proven ineffective as they do not target the source of the infestation and will most likely repel pests from the room they are in – but not from your home or business entirely. In addition, when the product wears off, the infestation has the chance to reoccur, resulting in more issues for your property and possibly giving the pests more time to reproduce.

Pests look for three key ingredients: food, water, and shelter. As such, even the most well-kept property can be the ideal habitat for pests. They may find their way through cracks and gaps in your home, come in with a packaged delivery, or result from untidy neighbors.

You are not required to leave your home during some pest control services. When used correctly, our products pose minimal threat to humans. We do ask that you leave us space to complete our service. We do recommend you and your pets leave the home for some of our treatments. Check with your technician.

The products we use for interior pest control are safe for your furniture, floors, and carpets. You do not have to worry about stains as our treatments are uniquely crafted using various products to eliminate the risk of residue.

Our pest control products do not leave behind any strong odors. However, we do use green products for certain pest control services that may leave behind a citrus scent. If you are concerned with the smell, kindly inform our experts when you contact us to schedule your service.

Our pest control services are designed to eliminate pests for their life cycle, ensuring total treatment for your home. In addition, we recommend seasonal treatments that serve as a preventative tactic to reduce the risk of re-emerging infestations.

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Choose the Gold Standard of Pest Control Services

Choose the best pest control services with Schopen Pest Solutions in Northern Illinois and Southeastern Wisconsin. With a wealth of experience, local knowledge, and a track record of success, our experts are here to provide you with custom-tailored exterminator services. Rely on us to prioritize the safety and comfort of your home.

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Get proactive about your pest control protection with Schopen Pest Solutions. Eliminate infestations, prevent future pest issues, and enhance the comfort of your home with our trusted pest control services. Contact our friendly team today to schedule your service.

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