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Expert Pest Control Services in Northern Illinois and Beyond

Schopen Pest Solutions is the company to contact if you’re looking for reliable pest control services in the Northern Illinois or Southeastern Wisconsin regions. Our pest control experts have over 40 years of experience in this industry, and they know how to get the job done right the first time. Don’t let spiders, rodents, and insects pester you. We work with residences and businesses rid themselves of these unwanted guests by providing practical solutions. Our products are cutting-edge and our teams know how to exactly how to apply them safely and effectively, providing protection for your family.

We offer a full range of comprehensive pest control services to meet your every need.  We never rush our services but we do work with urgency. You’ll get a personalized, timely service. The first step is to give us a call. We’ll chat about your infestation or pest problems and develop a game plan to take care of business. We offer everything from preventive pest control services to those designed to get rid of problem rodents, spiders, and insects. Call us soon so we can begin protecting your home today!

Removing Rodents from Illinois

Removing Rodents from Illinois & Wisconsin Homes and Offices

Not only are rodents annoying, but they can also carry disease. If you are experiencing a problem with these pests, it’s essential to address the issue swiftly—before they get a foothold and begin multiplying rapidly. Left unchecked, female mice can have litters of 5-8 pups up to eight times per year!  You can even wind up with damage to your property from things such as chewed wiring, drywall holes, urine stains, fecal matter in your insulation and other related issues. Both mice and rats are common in homes and businesses throughout Northern Illinois and Southeastern Wisconsin. We specialize in rodent control, and we can treat everything from small problems to large infestations.

Schopen Pest Solutions Gets Rid of Crawling Insects

While spotting the occasional bug indoors isn’t cause for alarm, when you start to see the same type of pest, again and again, you may have a problem on your hands. Crawling insects such as centipedes and silverfish can overpopulate and spread quickly.  Other insects like bed bugs, ticks, or fleas can spread disease by feeding on animals and humans. If you are concerned or think that you may have a problem with a crawling insect infestation at your home or place of business, contact our experienced team members for fast solutions. We handle pest control for many different types of bugs and spiders, including German cockroaches, carpenter ants, cellar spiders and more.

Flying Insects Get a One Way Ticket Out of Your Home

Flying insects can also become a problem if they are in areas inhabited by humans. Some, like yellow jackets and wasps, can sting and cause a severe hazard. Others, like Asian lady beetles and mosquitoes, are incredibly annoying. At Schopen Pest Solutions, we can help you banish these flying pests, using time-tested methods by ourexperienced personnel.

Call Schopen Pest Solutions Today for Expert Services

If you are interested in learning more about how we can be of service to you at home or your place of business, please contact us by phone. We’ll be glad to consult with you about your issue. Pest control is our specialty, and we work hard for our clients! Call us for fast, expert pest service!

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