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Getting Rid of Voles Made Easy

Are voles digging up your yard or garden in IL or WI? Look no further than Schopen Pest Solutions for top-notch vole control services. We understand the frustration and damage these small critters can cause to your landscape, and we’re here to help. Contact us today to schedule your vole control service.

Voles infestation control in Illinois

What Is a Vole?

Voles, also known as meadow mice or field mice, are small rodents that are commonly found in yards and gardens. Voles have stocky bodies, short legs, and a blunt head, which distinguishes them from other similar-looking rodents. They range in size from 3 to 9 inches long, including their tail, and their fur color can vary from brown to gray.

How Do I Know If I Have Voles in My Yard?

One of the most common signs of voles is the presence of runways or trails in your lawn or garden. Voles create shallow tunnels just beneath the surface of the ground, which they use for foraging and traveling. These runways may appear as raised pathways or depressed lines in the grass. Another telltale sign of voles is the presence of chewed vegetation. Voles are herbivorous and feed on the roots, stems, and leaves of plants.

How Voles Damage Lawns and Gardens

Voles can cause significant damage to lawns and gardens due to their feeding and burrowing habits. Their voracious appetite for plants can lead to the destruction of flower beds, vegetable gardens, and ornamental plants. The tunnels and runways created by voles can further contribute to the damage.

What’s the Difference Between Voles and Moles?

Voles and moles are small mammals that can damage yards and gardens, but they have distinct behaviors and habits. Voles are herbivorous rodents that feed on plants near the surface. They create visible tunnels and damage plants. On the other hand, moles are insectivores that dig deep tunnels underground, primarily feeding on earthworms and grubs. Their tunneling can disrupt plant roots.

How to Get Rid of Voles

When it comes to addressing vole infestations, it’s important to know how to get rid of voles permanently. Here are some strategies to consider:

  • Trapping – Set up humane traps along the runways or near the damaged vegetation. Once trapped, release the voles away from your property in a suitable habitat.
  • Habitat Modification – Reduce vole habitat by removing dense vegetation, debris, and mulch near your property.
  • Fencing – Install hardware cloth or mesh fencing around vulnerable areas like gardens or flower beds.

How to Prevent Vole Damage

Preventing vole damage is key to maintaining a healthy yard and garden. Here are some preventive measures you can take:

  • Regular Lawn Maintenance – Keep your lawn well-maintained by mowing it regularly and removing tall grass or weeds. This reduces the cover and hiding places for voles.
  • Clear Debris – Remove piles of leaves, brush, and other yard debris where voles can take shelter. Clean up fallen fruits or seeds that may attract them.
  • Protect Plants – Place wire mesh or hardware cloth around the base of trees, shrubs, and plants to prevent voles from gnawing on the bark or accessing the roots.

Our Services

Our commitment lies in delivering effective and personalized solutions to address all your pest concerns. Our services include:

Initial Service

We begin with a meticulous and comprehensive visual inspection of your home, examining both the interior and exterior areas.

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Pest Control Follow-Up Service in Illinois
Follow Up Service

This crucial step allows us to closely monitor the progress of the treatment and assess the extent of the problem.

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Quarterly Pest Control Services in Illinois
Quarterly Service

Our comprehensive approach guarantees year-round protection against pests, providing long-term relief for your property.

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Power Spray Program

Using our high-pressure sprayer, we establish a robust protective barrier around your home's exterior. This shield effectively safeguards you, your loved ones, and your pets from stinging insects, spiders, and other unwelcome intruders.

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Rodent Control Service
Rodent Treatments

Our specialized treatments ensure a pest-free environment and offer lasting solutions to issues related to rodents.

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Contact Schopen Pest Solutions for Vole Control

Schopen Pest Solutions is your trusted partner for effective vole-repellent services in Illinois and Wisconsin. With our comprehensive range of solutions, including thorough inspections, tailored treatments, and proactive prevention strategies, we are committed to addressing all your vole-related concerns. Don’t let vole damage compromise the beauty and health of your landscape. Contact Schopen Pest Solutions today and schedule your vole control service.

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