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Paper Wasp Removal from Experienced Exterminators

Summer in Illinois can bring unwelcome guests to outdoor gatherings. Paper wasps’ stings can be excruciating and could cause a trip to the hospital for people allergic to their venom. Avoid paper wasp problems and safeguard your summer by calling for professional help. Schopen Pest Solutions can make your summer worry-free.

Paper Wasp Pest Control in Illinois

Facts About Paper Wasps

Paper wasps are easy to spot, thanks to their distinctive nests and long, dangling legs. In the spring, paper wasps emerge from wintering in search of new homes. These semi-social creatures build nests out of single layers of paper-like combs. Nests vary significantly in size, but are usually 2″ to 6” wide, housing as many as 250 larvae.

Paper wasps are known to be longer, thinner, and smaller than their cousins, the yellowjackets. Swarms of these pests around your deck, gazebo or untreated fence frequently indicate the presence of a nest. You can find their nests in sheltered areas such as:

  • Attics
  • Door frames
  • Roof edges
  • Windowsills
  • Soffits
  • Basketball posts
  • Mailboxes
  • Deck handrails

Paper wasps play an essential role in the natural world, helping with pollination and controlling harmful pest populations. Unfortunately, when they settle too close to home, their painful stings can be a health hazard for those allergic to their venom.

If you find a paper wasp nest in or around your home, contact our paper wasp exterminators at Schopen Pest Solutions for solutions on how to repel paper wasps.

How We Get Rid of Paper Wasps

Removing a paper wasp nest is dangerous, which is why a paper wasp exterminator should be called for help. At Schopen Pest Solutions, we manage paper wasp removal with these steps:

  1. Inspection – A thorough inspection of the area and an interview with the homeowner can help pinpoint any areas where paper wasp nesting occurs. This allows us to carefully plan a tailored treatment strategy, as well as preventive measures for future protection.
  2. Paper Wasp Treatment – Schopen Pest Solutions will safely and efficiently remove any paper wasp nests on your property. This immediately removes the pests and discourages infestation in the future.
  3. Follow-up – At Schopen Pest Solutions, we have a wonderful Power Spray Program that will help prevent wasps from building nests in the first place. After we eliminate your original problem, we’d love to continue to help you keep these painful pests from rebuilding,
Paper Wasp Extermination in Illinois

How to Prevent Wasps from Hanging Around Your Home

Schopen Pest Solutions recommends a few things you can do to prevent paper wasps from building a nest on your Illinois or Wisconsin home:

  • Repair any damaged windowsills, vents, or screens
  • Clean up any food debris after barbecues or picnics.
  • Cover your garbage cans or compost bins.
  • Paint or water seal old fences, gazebos, and decks.
  • Cover your grill after use.
  • Pick up apples, pears or other fruit that falls off trees
  • Hire Schopen Pest Solutions to perform monthly exterior treatments during the summer.

Choose Schopen Pest Solutions for Paper Wasp Control

Schopen Pest Solutions provides comprehensive pest control services, ensuring that Illinois and Wisconsin homeowners can remain comfortable without the stresses of rodents, crawling insects, or flying insect infestation.

Contact Schopen Pest Solutions for Paper Wasp Removal

Need help with paper wasp removal? Protect your home from paper wasps with one simple call to Schopen Pest Solutions. Our trained paper wasp exterminator will develop a specialized plan tailored for your unique needs, ensuring that these pests stay away from your home.

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