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Protect Your Home from House Centipede Infestations

Pest infestations are a nuisance that can quickly become overwhelming for homeowners. Among these pest infestations, a house centipede problem might be the most unsettling. To rid your Northern Illinois and Southeastern Wisconsin home of these rapidly moving, troublesome critters, look no further than Schopen Pest Solutions and our quality pest control for centipedes.

Centipede controlled by Schopen Pest Solutions in Illinois

Restore the Comfort of Your Home

With numerous tiny legs and rapid movements, house centipedes are quite unwelcome guests. Fortunately, with decades of experience and a wealth of local knowledge, Schopen Pest Solutions is here to restore the comfort of your home. Count on our experts for comprehensive centipede extermination solutions.

What Are Centipedes?

Centipedes are not insects. They are elongated myriapods that belong to the arthropod family, which also includes arachnids. Centipedes are characterized by their long, multi-segmented compositions and multitude of legs. Although centipedes are predators, they pose virtually no risk to your home or health. However, they are known to disrupt your peace of mind.

Are Centipedes Poisonous?

Wondering if a centipede is poisonous is a common homeowner concern. Centipedes are carnivorous. However, they only prey on other insects, injecting poisonous venom into their prey before consuming them. This venom is not harmful to humans. In the rare event you are stung by a centipede, it is comparable to the sensation of a bee sting.

Centipede Characteristics

A house centipede commonly has about 15 pairs of legs. However, centipedes can have anywhere between 15 and 177 pairs of legs. They are brown or gray and can be identified by their long bodies, many legs, visible eyes and mouth, and forcipules. In addition, centipedes are known to move at rapid speeds, quickly evading potential predators.

Signs of a House Centipede Infestation

Centipedes are not a severe threat, though a large number of centipedes can be daunting to have in your home. In contrast to other types of pests, centipedes do not leave droppings or cause damage to your home, making it harder to identify infestations. The most common sign of a centipede infestation is frequent sightings.

House Centipede Habitats

Another tricky component of navigating a centipede infestation is that these pests do not have set habitats. Unlike other types of pests, centipedes move frequently, finding new hiding spots daily. Centipedes are often spotted while moving from one location to the next within your home.

Controlling a Centipede Infestation

Centipedes are typically solitary, which makes the risk of a centipede infestation rare. To promote a centipede-free home, we recommend the following:

  • Eliminate food sources by pursuing effective pest control to manage other insects.
  • Keep your home tidy and decluttered.

Professional Centipede Pest Control

The most effective way to eliminate centipedes is through professional pest control solutions. Schopen Pest Solutions offers an array of pest control treatments to eradicate pest infestations of all types. With our eco-friendly approach, count on us to remove centipede prey to decrease the risk of centipede infestations in your home.

Choose Schopen Pest Solutions

Schopen Pest Solutions is here to restore the comfort of your home. Count on our time-honored expertise, local knowledge, and commitment to the highest standards of safety and efficiency to rid your home of unwanted pests. Our comprehensive approach ensures full eradication with continued monitoring for ongoing peace of mind.

Secure Comprehensive Pest Control Solutions

Reclaim your home and banish unwanted pests, including house centipede infestations, with Schopen Pest Solutions. Our professionals are readily available to provide you with integrated pest management solutions that restore the comfort and safety of your living space. Contact our friendly team today to get started.

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