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Schopen Pest Solutions Helps with Carpenter Bees in Illinois

For help getting rid of carpenter bees within the Northern Illinois and Southeastern Wisconsin areas, contact the professionals at Schopen Pest Solutions. We have dealt with many bee situations, and these particular bees can be especially damaging to your home or other structures on your property, such as log cabins, gazebos, pergolas, and decks. Much like carpenter ants, these insects do not eat wood, but they do tunnel through it to lay their eggs and over the winter. The more carpenter bees you have, the more significant the risk of damage to your property.

Carpenter Bee infestation control in Illinois

How to Spot a Carpenter Bee Infestation

There are several things you can look for if you suspect you may have a problem with carpenter bees. One is a number of round holes in your wood, which is how these insects tunnel into the structure. Another possible sign is small piles of sawdust from the bees pouring out of the wood. If you see insects flying around resembling carpenter bees, this would be a pretty good indication they may be taking up residence in your home in high numbers. The most common type of carpenter bee resembles a bumblebee.

Life Cycle of the Carpenter Bees in Your Home

These flying insects are attracted to untreated wood. Since the carpenter bee is rather large, the holes created accommodate its size and end up rather sizable as well. These bugs are building nests where future bees will emerge later on down the line. As new carpenter bees come out, they will begin the process of tunneling into the wood to lay eggs of their own, and the life cycle will start all over again. Pest control services can bring this to an abrupt end and save the wood from further damage.

Custom Plans for Carpenter Bees to Save Your Home

If you think you have seen one of these bees, it may be a good idea to take a closer look at the outside area around your home to see if you can spot any signs of them living there, look closely at door trims and soffits. If you do, contact a professional pest control service such as Schopen Pest Solutions immediately. Since carpenter bees are solitary insects, treating them is not as simple as finding the nest and destroying it. First, we’ll have to determine the extent of the problem and then craft a custom solution to deal with it effectively. Even though these bees rarely sting, the females are capable of doing so when disturbed. While the sting itself can cause an allergic reaction in some people, they do not carry poison.

Pest Control for Carpenter Bees

At Schopen Pest Solutions, we work hard to make sure we find every carpenter bee hole and thoroughly treat them, so these pests do not return. We will also make some recommendations so that you can address any issues that may be causing your house to be more attractive to these pests. Our goal is always to provide you with all the help you need to make your home free of carpenter bees! Please Contact us in McHenry, IL today for assistance with carpenter bees!

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