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We Provide Yellow Jacket Removal Solutions

When you are playing in the backyard with your kids or gathering with neighbors, you want peace of mind knowing you are safe from stinging insects. Schopen Pest Solutions is a premier pest control expert serving homeowners in Northern Illinois and Southeastern Wisconsin. Among our specialties is eliminating yellow jackets from our customers’ properties. We have several decades’ worth of industry experience, and we are confident we can reduce the pests around your home. We use state-of-the-art strategies and remain up to date with all the latest techniques for getting rid of yellow jackets. If you notice the aggressive pests flying around your yard or house, call us today to learn how we can help.

Yellow Jackets infestation Removal Services in Illinois

Understanding Yellow Jackets

Yellow jackets are wasps that feature distinctive alternating black and yellow segments. Yellow jackets live in large colonies and are led by a queen. Many establish nests near homes because of the proximity to food sources. But their existence on your property can be dangerous to yourself or your family. These flying insects will sting people they consider a threat to their colonies. Each can deliver multiple stings. Therefore, you should not try to remove a nest or infestation on your own. Let the professionals at Schopen Pest Solutions handle yellow jacket exterminating for you.

Signs of a Yellow Jacket Infestation on Your Property

Recognizing a yellow jacket infestation may be as simple as spotting one flying around your yard. Where there is one yellow jacket, there are surely more in the immediate vicinity. They establish colonies and typically do not stray too far from their nests. You may not immediately notice a nest, but you can be certain it is there. Schopen Pest Solutions will perform a thorough inspection of your property. There may be multiple nests in an area. Each contains numerous layers of paper cells that resemble a honeybee’s comb. Yellowjackets build several types of nests, including:

Aerial Nest

These nests are located high above the ground on tree limbs or under the eaves of homes.

Ground Nest

Some yellow jackets may construct nests in rodent burrows, concrete blocks, or other areas near the ground.

Wall Void Nest

If yellow jackets have access to your home’s interior, they may create wall void nests in walls, drop ceilings, and attics.

Our Team Can Get Rid of Yellow Jackets

Every yellow jacket infestation is different, so the team at Schopen Pest Solutions must visit your property to devise a treatment plan. We utilize many quality pesticides, including green pest control products that we can spray in your yard or home to kill yellow jackets. Our experts use advanced equipment and take various precautions to ensure our safety and yours.

We Offer Comprehensive Yellow Jacket Pest Removal Services

We want all our customers throughout Northern Illinois and Southeastern Wisconsin to rest assured knowing their property is safe from yellow jackets and other pests. Therefore, we have created a range of proven pest control programs that enable our team to address your unique needs. Our comprehensive solutions include:

  • Initial Service – A pest control expert will thoroughly examine your property before suggesting and implementing a treatment technique to address your issue. Whether you have wasps, spiders, mosquitoes, ants or voles, we will have a solution for you.
  • Follow-Up Service – Normally, after two-to-four weeks, we may return to provide a follow-up service to ensure your property remains pest-free.
  • Quarterly Service – Yellow jacket removal is typically a standalone project, but we offer a quarterly service plan to protect you from other pests year-round such as spiders, rodents, silverfish and carpenter ants.
  • Power Spray Program – Our Power Spray Program (PSP) proactively addresses yellow jacket infestations using an innovative Broad Application sprayer. The power spray program will also help control earwigs, Asian Lady beetles, stink bugs and box elder bugs.

Contact Schopen Pest Solutions Today

Yellow jacket stings are painful and can cause allergic reactions, so it is essential to ensure your property is not a haven for their nests. Schopen Pest Solutions offers a wide range of yellow jacket services in Northern Illinois and Southeastern Wisconsin. If you notice a black and yellow buzzer freely flying around your hard or home, contact us today.

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