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Schopen Pest Solutions Delivers on Moth Control Services in Illinois

Schopen Pest Solutions, based in McHenry, IL, can assist you in eliminating Indian Meal Moths if you live within the Northern Illinois or Southeastern Wisconsin area. This insect is a troublesome pantry pest. Although small, these moths are resourceful and can be very hard to get rid of once you have them in your kitchen area or other food storage space. They are flying insects that feed on everything from grains to dog food and candy. It’s easy for them to get into containers, and they contaminate the food once inside. These bugs spread quickly, so treating thoroughly for the infestation is vital to getting them out of your home for good.

Our pest control team has handled Indian Meal Moth problems for many satisfied homeowners in the Northern Illinois and the Southeastern Wisconsin region. They are a common problem, but when appropriately addressed, we can eliminate them quickly. Often, when people try to treat for these pests themselves, they are not able to get rid of them. This particular moth lays eggs everywhere and breeds quickly. We understand the best methods for getting rid of these insects and can help you restore order to your kitchen area again!

Indian meal moth control service in Illinois

Signs of an Indian Meal Moth Infestation

The first sign of infestation with Indian Meal Moths most people experience within their home is seeing the insects flying in the kitchen or pantry area. They are small, tannish in color, and look like regular moths. If you see one pantry moth, there are likely to be many more hiding. If they have not yet all become adults, they are in the form of eggs in your dry goods. You might see “worms” crawling on the walls. These are larvae. These moths are incredibly persistent and can get into containers. Most insects couldn’t think of entering because of their small size. Their stature makes it very hard to protect your food once they establish themselves.

Rely on Schopen to Save Your Food and Your Money

Unchecked pantry moth infestations can be very expensive since, once they nest themselves in your home, they get into many food containers and contaminate the contents. Many homeowners will try to clean the kitchen or pantry and throw out foods possibly contaminated with the Indian Meal Moth eggs. This tactic often doesn’t work, as it can be challenging to find and eliminate all the eggs in your living space. They are hard to see and can locate themselves in many different places. Repeatedly throwing out full boxes of cereal, bags of dog food, or bags of flour can add up to a considerable expense quickly. It also only gets worse as time passes, which is why it is so important to call Schopen as soon as you notice them. Addressing an Indian Meal Moth infestation quickly is essential if you want to get things under control fast.

Schopen Handles Meal Moth Problems

Our skilled team knows exactly where to look for and how to treat these pantry pests, and we have a variety of different pest control methods at our disposal, depending on the look of your specific infestation issues. Schopen Pest Solutions is here to assist you with any pantry moth problems you may be experiencing. Call us for personalized pest control service you can count on and banish pantry moths from your home!

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