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Schopen Pest Solutions Takes Care of Rodents and More

Let the team at Schopen Pest Solutions help you with mice, rats, and vole removal in McHenry and all areas within Northern Illinois and Southeastern Wisconsin. We specialize in rodents and have worked with many businesses and homeowners throughout this region to get a handle on infestations and problem areas. Our methods are safe and effective, and we only use experienced professionals to handle our equipment. We have been serving our community for many years. Our staff provides a high level of service to each client to ensure we take care of their situation efficiently and effectively.

If you have been battling mice, voles, rats, or other rodents, you already know they can be challenging to remove from a structure or property once they have settled into your attic or walls. If you don’t call us to address the problem quickly, they can get out of control rapidly because of their ability to multiply rapidly. At Schopen Pest Solutions, we start work immediately and work hard to banish these pests for good. And after we finish our initial treatment for rodents, we will set your home or office up to prevent them from returning.

Rodent control service in Illinois

Don’t Allow Mice to Run Your Home

Mice are a common pest in the Midwest, and they find their way into homes and buildings everywhere. Once established, mice can populate quickly, and their numbers will grow out of control if you do not find a way to deal with them. Often, conventional methods such as glue traps or spring traps aren’t enough to deal with a mouse problem effectively. Working with a professional exterminator like Schopen is the easiest way to stop mice from taking over your space. Contact us for a consultation and pest control treatment today.

We Stop from Destroying Your Space

Much like mice, rats are opportunistic and will set up a living space wherever they find shelter. They are also extremely difficult to get rid of and can potentially cause a lot of damage, depending on how many have infested the structure. We have dealt with many different types of rat problems in buildings of all sizes throughout McHenry, and we equip our professionals to handle your issue and get it done right the first time. Reach out to our team today and talk to an experienced rat exterminator about your situation.

Let Schopen Protect Your Garden from Voles

Voles are very active rodents who tend to live outdoors or near outdoor structures like fence posts or retaining walls. They can cause a lot of issues for those who grow food, have gardens, or take a lot of pride in having a manicured lawn. Voles can be challenging to find and address since they tunnel and spend a lot of time underground. Our teams can identify problem areas and help homeowners and businesses with vole control. Just give us a call.

Call Schopen Pest Solutions Today to Stop the Infestation

When it comes to pest control services, rodents are a specialized area. We handle these infestations all the time at Schopen Pest Solutions. If you are experiencing any issues with mice, rats, or voles, call our office today for help. We’ll make sure you get someone out to your property quickly to evaluate the problem. Contact us for expert rodent control service!

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