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Cricket Control in Illinois and Wisconsin

While crickets are harmless, they can be annoying in your home, business, or yard. Schopen Pest Solutions has decades of experience in cricket pest control and can find the most efficient way to get rid of crickets wherever they are a problem. Don’t waste time trying to figure out how to get rid of crickets in Illinois or Wisconsin – call our team of experts, and we’ll prevent cricket infestations and come up with the best solution for your pest problem.

Pest Control for Crickets in Illinois and Wisconsin

Ways to Keep Crickets Out of Your Home

Pest control for crickets includes eliminating an existing infestation, killing existing eggs, and preventing future crickets in houses and yards. If you see one cricket in your home, it’s not necessarily a sign that you have a huge cricket infestation. If you find crickets in every room, your yard, or porch is full of crickets, you have a problem. Here are some simple tips for pest control for crickets that will help you prevent crickets in-house:

  • Lower inside and outside lights in the evenings, as lights attract crickets.
  • Switch from white to yellow light bulbs.
  • Keep the garden mulch at two inches deep or less.
  • Vacuum regularly to get rid of cricket eggs.
  • Seal cracks, holes, and gaps that crickets could use to get into your home.
  • Keep doors and windows closed during cricket season or use screens on windows and doors to keep them out.
  • Reduce your home’s moisture levels and ensure your ventilation is sufficient to prevent moisture.

Types of Crickets in Illinois and Wisconsin

There are a variety of cricket species in Illinois and Wisconsin:

  • Camel cricket (cave cricket)
  • Carolina leaf-roller cricket
  • Field cricket
  • House cricket
  • Northern mole cricket
  • Red-headed bush cricket
  • Restless bush cricket
  • Spotted camel cricket
  • Two-spotted tree cricket

Not only does our team at Schopen Pest Solutions know of them, but we also know how to exterminate them from your property and prevent them from becoming more of a nuisance.

Reliable & Affordable Cricket Control

We provide cricket control and treatments for the following species of crickets.

How Schopen Pest Solutions Gets Rid of Crickets

If you’re frantically trying to figure out how to get rid of crickets in your home or yard, our team can help. We’ll visit your home to assess your cricket infestation and determine how they’re getting into your home and what types of crickets you’re dealing with. We will then treat the perimeter of your home’s exterior with safe, effective, and eco-friendly cricket control products. Next, we’ll identify and seal cricket entry points, so you won’t have crickets in the house. We will caulk, seal, plug, and secure any cracks, gaps, and holes. We will then treat the interior of your home with safe, reliable cricket pest control methods. We will put pest monitors in your kitchen, bathrooms, utility rooms, attic, basement, pantry, crawl spaces, and garage. We’ll give you a detailed report of your cricket problem and our pest control for crickets in the house and yard. Finally, we’ll follow up with regularly scheduled visits to check in on the problem and make sure our cricket pest control methods are working.

Why Choose Schopen Pest Solutions for Cricket Control

Schopen Pest Solutions is a local company with a pest control team that has 30 years of experience. We are committed to listening to our customers and designing safe, effective, and reliable pest control solutions that work for them. We aim to provide the highest level of pest control solutions and prevent pests inside and outside homes and businesses while staying on top of the latest research and advancements in the industry, so you can rest assured that we’re always using the most effective methods.

Call Schopen Pest Solutions to Get Rid of Crickets Fast

If you’re trying to find out how to get rid of crickets on your Illinois or Wisconsin property, our team can help. We will send someone to your home right away to assess what type of cricket infestation you have and find the fastest, safest, and most effective method of cricket pest control. Call us today or contact us to schedule an initial visit.

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