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Reliable and Affordable Camel Crickets Control

If you’ve been searching everywhere online for information on how to get rid of camel crickets – also called cave crickets – our team at Schopen Pest Solutions can help. We strive to come up with the best and most effective methods to eliminate camel cricket problems on your Illinois or Wisconsin property. We know how to get rid of crickets in and outside homes and businesses. Call today to schedule an assessment of your cricket problem.

Rid of Camel Crickets in Illinois and Wisconsin

What Are Camel Crickets?

Camel crickets look like huge spiders. They have six long legs, a curved back, and hind legs that resemble drumsticks. They are brown and tan and around 1 and 1 ¼ inches long. They don’t have wings but hop like other species of crickets. Camel crickets have poor eyesight and are most active at night. They don’t make a noise like other cricket species but lay eggs inside and outside their homes. They aren’t dangerous, but they can be a nuisance. They eat fabric and pretty much everything else they can get to.

Signs You Have a Camel Cricket Infestation

The most obvious sign of a camel cricket infestation is that you will see them hopping around your property, especially at night. They hang out in cool, damp places like under porches, in basements and crawl spaces, and around plumbing fixtures. If you don’t see camel crickets, you might see dark smears on surfaces from their fecal matter. You might also find damaged curtains, rugs, upholstery, pillows, towels, linens, garments, and other fabrics and textiles inside or outside your home.


Preventing a Camel Cricket Infestation

The best way to prevent camel crickets from infesting your home is to seal up any holes, gaps, and cracks around your windows, doors, and floors. Because camel crickets love cool, dark, and damp places, they can quickly move from underneath your home or porch to your basement if there are easy access points. You can also keep camel crickets away from your home by keeping your yard and areas around your home tidy. Don’t let vegetation, trash, boxes, organic matter, or debris build up in your yard or around your home. Keep piles of wood and trash cans away from the walls of your home, and don’t stack things up inside or outside your home. You can also use a dehumidifier or fan to reduce the moisture level in your home and close all openings that could act as an entry point for crickets to enter.

How to Get Rid of Camel Crickets

When we investigate camel cricket infestations, we first identify where the crickets are, how they got into the home, and whether they have started laying eggs. We inspect your home’s exterior and treat those areas for camel cricket extermination. We also seal, caulk, plug, and cover up any holes, cracks, or gaps the crickets could use to get inside. Then, we treat your home or business’s interior where we notice signs of camel crickets. We might combine dust, sprays, and traps or bait for the best results. Then we will give you tips for preventing further camel cricket infestations and schedule a follow-up visit to ensure our camel crickets control methods are working.

Why Choose Schopen Pest Solutions in Illinois

Our team provides the most effective and reliable pest control methods for homes and businesses throughout Illinois and Wisconsin. We complete thorough inspections and assessments to locate the cause of infestations, entry points, species involved, and the extent of the infestation. We stay up to date on the latest advancements and research in the pest control industry to ensure we’re always using the best pest control methods. Our goal is to provide the highest quality and most effective pest control services while eliminating infestations quickly and safely.

Contact Schopen Pest Solutions for Cricket Extermination

If you need fast, reliable camel cricket extermination in Illinois or Wisconsin, contact our team at Schopen Pest Solutions. We’ll thoroughly evaluate the problem and find out how camel crickets got inside and how extensive the infestation is. Our team will then treat with safe, effective camel cricket control methods to eradicate the infestation and prevent another one. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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