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Asian Lady Beetles Treatment from the Experts

Asian lady beetles can be unwelcome visitors when they move inside your home and structures in search of a sheltered place to wait out the winter. Schopen Pest Solutions’ experienced technicians have what it takes to effectively manage Asian lady beetle populations in any building or home. Our specialists will craft a personalized pest control program for your specific needs. Contact us today to learn about our reliable solutions for Asian lady beetles.

Asian Lady Beetles Extermination in Illinois

Facts About Asian Lady Beetles

Gardening enthusiasts worldwide appreciate the beneficial properties of Asian lady beetles because they eat aphids. Lady beetles, which can be mistaken for our beloved lady bugs, are much more aggressive. More than just red with black markings, lady beetles can come in a variety of colors, including yellow, tan, and orange. A vibrant addition to any garden, their attractive dome-shaped bodies also provide a functional service by helping to combat pesky aphids and other bug nuisances in your garden.

The Asian lady beetle is an impressive species, transitioning through four phases of development in just 1-2 months. Depending on where it resides and the environment it inhabits, this remarkable creature can produce more than one generation each year and can survive up to three years.

Asian ladybug infestation often manifests in large swarms and can be identified by their tell-tale piles of dead insects, which frequently collect around windows or in light fixtures.

Damage Caused by Asian Lady Beetles

Asian lady beetles are often beneficial when found outdoors in gardens, as they feed on and help control unwanted pests that harm plants. Unfortunately, if these insects migrate indoors, their presence can become quite bothersome due to an unpleasant odor when crushed, allergic reaction caused in some homeowners and the potential for staining walls or upholstery with a yellowish fluid.

Asian Lady Beetles Pest Control in Illinois

How We Can Help Get Rid of Asian Lady Beetles

Get rid of Asian lady beetles with the help of Schopen Pest Solutions. Our experienced team knows what it takes to provide a thorough, effective treatment that will both eliminate current issues and prevent them from returning in the future. We use modern equipment operated by friendly professionals who are committed to delivering exemplary service for your Asian lady beetle control needs.

Process for Asian Lady Beetles Control

In addition to our Asian lady beetle control treatments, our experts at Schopen Pest Solutions recommend these preventive measures for Asian lady beetles:

  • Seal small exterior cracks and gaps in your home. Focus on windows, doors, vents, chimney openings, and siding.
  • Install screens in your windows, doors, and vents.
  • Ensure there is a distance from your vegetable gardens to your home.
  • Control Asian lady beetles temporarily by using a vacuum, broom, or sticky tape.

If your Asian lady beetle infestation has become unbearable, it’s time to contact the pest control experts at Schopen Pest Solutions. Our friendly and professional technicians will help you get rid of Asian lady beetles in your home with our wonderful Power Spray Program.

Choose Schopen Pest Solutions for Beetle Control

Protect your family and property from rodents, crawling insects, and flying insects with Schopen Pest Solutions. Our pest control services provide comprehensive defense against household pests in Illinois and Wisconsin. Keep your home secure from damage and health risks caused by unwanted visitors.

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Schopen Pest Solutions offers comprehensive services to get rid of your ladybug infestation. Contact us today! We are experts in pest control and have a long history of satisfied customers in Illinois.

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