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We Can Help You Eliminate Pavement Ants at Your Home

Schopen Pest Solutions is trusted among Crystal Park, IL residents for exceptional pest control services. We have been serving clients throughout Northern Illinois and Southeastern Wisconsin for years. Our customers have grown to expect outstanding service and long-lasting results. We have hundreds of 5-star reviews to prove our point. We deal with all kinds of pests – including crawling insects, spiders, rodents, and more. Among our specialties are slab ants. Otherwise known as pavement ants, these insects are common throughout the country. You may find them under stones, in cracks in your pavement, or near your commercial or residential property. If you notice an abundance of these critters, reach out to our pest control experts. We would be happy to provide a free estimate and explain our process thoroughly.

Slab Ant Control in Illinois

What Are Slab Ants?

Slab ants are small insects that usually live in pavement cracks. They are typically no more than 1/8” long. Pavement ants can be black or brown and have lighter-colored legs than the rest of their body. Each has parallel lines on its head and thorax and lives in a colony. They are docile creatures that like to avoid confrontation, but they will sting predators if they feel threatened. If you notice one or more slab ants at your home, we recommend calling our pest control experts for help eliminating them. Otherwise, they will overwhelm you. Mature colonies can include as many as 30,000 ants.

Understanding Pavement Ants’ Habitat

Pavement ants are found in colonies throughout the U.S. They are most prevalent in the Midwest, so Schopen Pest Solutions has had to develop exceptional pavement ant control techniques. It is common to find slab ants in several areas surrounding your home. They may nest underneath or beside patios, driveways, and sidewalks. Because of their proximity to your home or office, they will eventually migrate toward your structure in search of food. Slab ants’ diet consists of sweets, proteins, and dead insects. They will enter your house through cracks in your foundation, concrete slabs, or basement sill plates to forage through trash for their next meal. With a convenient food source readily available, your habitat becomes its habitat.

Recognizing You Have a Slab Ants Problem

You may not recognize that you have a slab ant infestation until you see one scurrying across your floor. They do not produce excessive noise or waste, but there are a few telltale signs that they are present. You should be wary of any small piles of debris. The slab ants you see crawling on the ground are worker ants also called foragers. Reproductive pavement ants often swarm from June to July, so pay close attention during the summer. The male swarmer’s will die, but the female swarmer’s will shed their wings and seek a new place to start another colony. Dead pavement ants and discarded wings are signs of a significant infestation.

How Dangerous Are Pavement Ants?

Pavement ants are more of a nuisance than damaging. They do not bite, but they will sting you if they feel threatened. However, this sting will result in the only brief, minor pain. It cannot spread diseases or harm you. Additionally, slab ants are not going to cause considerable property damage. You may see small dirt piles near windows or doors but no damage. They like to eat insects, sweet and greasy foods. They may make their way to your pet’s dish and attempt to get a free dinner, but they will not destroy your property.

Schopen Pest Solutions Can Get Rid of Slab Ants

The team of experts at Schopen Pest Solutions has decades’ worth of experience in the pest control industry. We understand that pavement ant colonies can include tens of thousands of insects, but our proven process can help drive them from your home. After you notice a worker pavement ant crawling across your kitchen or a swarmer flying about, call us for an initial service. We will visit your home or business to visually inspect the property and determine the source of your problem. From there, we will devise a plan to get rid of your slab ants. We use odorless pesticides and other advanced treatments to protect your home against these small invaders. A few weeks after our visit, we will provide a follow-up service to make sure our pavement and pest control strategy is working. We can also advise you about preventative measures you can take to keep your home pest-free.

Call Schopen Pest Solutions Today

When you sit down to relax at night, you want peace of mind that there are no crawling insects establishing colonies or foraging for food in your home. Unfortunately, homeowners with cracks in their foundation or the concrete surrounding their house may be vulnerable to pavement ants. If that is a concern for you, let Schopen Pest Solutions help. We have extensive experience with pavement ant control services in Crystal Lake, IL, and we are eager to assist you. We even offer monthly and quarterly programs to ensure long-term success. If you notice one slab ant in your home, it is likely many more are near. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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