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Expert Odorous House Ant Treatment

Are you dealing with the bothersome presence of odorous ants in your home or workplace? Schopen Pest Solutions is here to help. As the leading pest control company serving Northern Illinois and Southeastern Wisconsin, we specialize in providing highly effective odorous ant control services. Say farewell to the unpleasant odor and annoyance caused by odorous ants and contact us today!

Odorous Ant Control Services in IL and WI

What Is an Odorous House Ant?

The odorous house ant, scientifically known as Tapinoma sessile, is a common household pest found in many regions. These ants get their name from the unpleasant odor they release when crushed, resembling the smell of rotten coconut or blue cheese. They are small in size, ranging from 1/16 to 1/8 inch long, and have dark brown to black bodies.

Identification and Inspection for Odorous House Ants

Identifying an odorous house ant infestation involves examining its physical characteristics and observing its behavior. Here are some key features to help you identify them:

  • Size – Odorous house ants are small, ranging from 1/16 to 1/8 inch (1.5 to 3.2 mm) in length.
  • Color – They have dark brown to black bodies, which can appear shiny.
  • Body Shape – Odorous house ants have a segmented body with a distinct waist or node between the thorax and abdomen.
  • Antennae – They possess 12-segmented antennae, with the end segment slightly enlarged.

Signs You Have an Odorous House Ant Infestation

Detecting an odorous house ant infestation requires observing certain signs that indicate their presence. Here are some common signs to look out for:

  • Ant Trails – Odorous house ants leave visible trails, especially when foraging for food. These trails can be seen along walls, floors, or other surfaces, and they are often formed by a line of ants moving back and forth.
  • Scent – Crushed odorous house ants emit a distinctive odor, often described as a foul smell resembling rotten coconut or blue cheese. If you notice this smell when crushing an ant, it’s a strong indication of its presence.
  • Food Contamination – Odorous house ants are attracted to sugary or greasy food sources. If you find signs of food contamination, such as small holes in packaged foods or ants in pantry areas, it suggests an infestation.

How to Control Odorous House Ants

Controlling odorous house ants requires a comprehensive approach. Start by identifying and sealing entry points to prevent their access. Keep your living spaces clean and free of food sources, ensuring crumbs and spills are promptly cleaned. Erase existing ant trails with soapy water to disrupt their communication. Utilize odorous house ant traps strategically placed near entry points and active areas to eliminate the colony. If the problem persists, seeking professional pest control services can provide a more targeted and effective solution.

Our Services

At Schopen Pest Solutions, we offer a comprehensive range of services to address all your pest-related needs, providing customized and effective solutions. Explore our service offerings below:

Initial Service

Our process begins with a meticulous visual inspection of your home, both inside and outside, allowing us to assess the specific pest issue you're facing.

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Pest Control Follow-Up Service in Illinois
Follow Up Service

As part of our commitment to delivering successful pest control, we provide a follow-up service to all our clients (excluding wasp service).

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Quarterly Pest Control Services in Illinois
Quarterly Service

We offer monthly or quarterly services for businesses and a quarterly program for residential clients.

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Power Spray Program

Utilizing our high-pressure sprayer, we create a protective barrier that effectively safeguards your home from unwelcome intruders.

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Rodent Control Service
Rodent Treatments

Without relying on spraying treatments, we strategically bait the exterior of your home or business.

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Contact Schopen Pest Solutions to Get Rid of Odorous House Ants

Don’t let odorous ants disrupt your daily life. Schopen Pest Solutions is your trusted partner in effectively eliminating these persistent pests from your home or business in IL and WI. Our dedicated team of experts is equipped with the knowledge and tools to provide top-notch odorous house ant treatment. Contact us today to take the first step toward safeguarding your home.

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