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Whether you live in, cellar spiders are a common pest that invade people’s homes.  Cellar spiders get their nickname because you will find them hanging upside down inside crawl spaces, cellars and basements.  However, people in McHenry and Lake and Wisconsin County know that cellar spiders can also be found under sinks, along baseboards and behind furniture.

Cellar spiders feed on other insects such as pill bugs, millipedes, silverfish and other spiders.  Their webs are almost transparent which makes it very annoying for homeowners, especially when walking through the webs.  Many people complain of these webs as they are walking downstairs to the laundry room.  While cellar spiders are harmless to humans, their thin cobwebs can be very annoying.

Schopen Pest Solutions can keep these creepy crawlers under control with an inside/outside service.  We will treat the exterior of the home with a microencapsulated pesticide and the interior with an odorless chemical that will kill the spiders.  Schopen Pest Solutions also has a wonderful product called “Web-out” that prevents spiders from building webs on lamp posts, docks, decks and gates.

Eliminating cellar spiders in the Harvard area is a partnership between Schopen Pest Solutions and our clients.  There are many steps our clients can take to keep spiders at a minimum.  These steps include keeping the gutters clean, trim bushes away from the home, don’t keep wood piles up against the home and make sure trees aren’t crowding the home.