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Bed Bugs are one of the most stressful pests homeowners can encounter. They are like little vampires that feed on people in the middle of the night.  They literally get their name “bed bug” because they live on our beds, mattresses, box springs,Facts About Bed Bugs or bed frames.  If the bed bug population is large enough, they can move into dressers, behind picture frames, door frames, ceiling fans, books, bookshelves, closets, clothing, and many other areas.

They are tremendous hitch-hikers and can be carried back from hotels, motels, movie theaters, buses, and college dorms.  They are notorious for being carried back to homes inside suitcases.  Bed bugs can also be an issue for residents in nursing homes and assisted living properties when new residents bring contaminated items into the structure.

The good news is that bed bugs have not been proven to spread disease.  Most of the time, their bite is painless and nearly half of all people never experience welts or itchy skin.  Whether you live in Chicago, Milwaukee, Waukegan, or Rockford, Schopen Pest Solutions can get them under control and eventually eliminate them.  We love reducing our client’s stress through a system of proven methods that will kill off these unwanted pests.  Vacuuming, steaming, mattress encasements, and desiccants are all part of our arsenal.