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Danger Related to Spiders

Whether you have arachnophobia or not, spiders are often not a welcome addition to your home. Spider webs and other signs of spiders can make your home seem unattractive and dirty, but they may also make your home more dangerous. If you notice spider nests near your Crystal Lake home, then you may be at risk for dangerous, venomous spider bites and other pest infestations and should call a pest management professional. Continue reading for a closer look at the dangers of having spiders in your house.

Spiders May Bite and Cause Severe Health Issues

Though spiders often bite out of defense—rather than through a non-provoked attack—some bites can be extremely venomous. Black widows, brown recluse spiders, and wolf spiders are some of the most common and dangerous spiders found in the United States and in the Midwest. These spider bites can lead to the extreme pain, respiratory issues, and even necrosis. If you see a spider nest or even suspect you have one of these dangerous spiders in your home, then call a qualified exterminator right away. If left unchecked, you, a family member, or a beloved pet may become the victim of a spider bite and other health issues.

Spiders May Be a Sign of Other Pest Infestations

Spiders are not picky eaters; if it can be caught in their web, they will likely eat whatever they find. Spiders will typically eat flies, ants, moths, and other spiders. However, signs of spiders in your home could mean that you have another pest infestation, which could be dangerous too. You may need a bug exterminator to inspect your house for dangerous spiders and other pest infestations, such as ants or Asian lady beetles.

Spiders May Make Your House Appear Unattractive

Even if you always maintain a clean house, you could still attract spiders. Spider nests are not a sign of an unclean house or homeowner. However, outside observers may be put off by the appearance of spider nests and webs around your house. Strive to keep your home clean of all pests and bugs with effective and professional bug control.

Spider Control Services in Mchenry, Il

Schopen Pest Solutions can help get rid of spiders in your home. Call 815-385-9511 to set up an inspection today.