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Did you ever wonder what spiders are common in Wisconsin? The good news is – of the ten most common only one is poisonous and all of them actually help keep many different pest populations down in the Badger State. Here is a handy, if not a little creepy, guide to some of the most common spiders you will find in WI.

Wolf Spider: wolf spiders don’t spin webs; instead, they chase and pounce on their insect prey like the wolves that inspired their name.

wolf spider
Wolf Spider

Bold Jumping Spider: jumping spiders actually do jump, and their natural habitats are grasslands, prairies, and open woodlands – including backyards.

bold jumping spider
Bold Jumping Spider

Orb Weaver: while common to homes, orb weaver spiders are often not seen and therefore are good in our book.

orb weaver spider
Marbled Orb Weaver

Cellar Spider: cellar spiders prefer to hang upside down in their webs as they wait for prey, which typically consists of other spiders and insects.

cellar spider
Cellar Spider

Garden Spider: while their name seems to indicate they would rather be in your garden, garden spiders can make their way inside a business or home.

garden spider
Garden Spider

House Spider: house spiders prefer to build their messy webs on the interior and exterior of buildings and in sheds, stables, and barns.

house spider
House Spider

Woodlouse Hunter Spider: their large size and aggressive nature when handled by humans makes them an imposing but still not venomous species.

woodlouse spider
Woodlouse Spider

Crab Spider: crab spiders usually tend to stick to the flowers around the house in lieu of coming inside.

crab spider
Crab Spider

Grass Spider: grass spiders are not harmful and rarely bite unless provoked or agitated. Even if a grass spider did bite, it wouldn’t cause any harm anyway.

Grass spider
Grass Spider

Black Widow Spider: actually, sadly, prevalent in Wisconsin, black widows are considered the most venomous spider in North America. Their venom is reported to be 15 times stronger than a rattlesnake’s!

black widow spider
Black Widow Spider


Nobody wants spiders in their home. But we can rest easy that we don’t live in Australia – where the most poisonous spider in the world actually resides. Our spiders, much like Wisconsin natives themselves, may look imposing, but in the end, they are almost all sweet and kind and beneficial to the environment.