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Box Elder Bugs
The winter season is just around the corner, and now is a great time to contact a pest control company to discuss winter extermination methods for your home. During the winter, box elder bugs will seek warmth and shelter indoors. When box elder bugs decide to take up residence in your home, it is essential to contact a bug exterminator near Crystal Lake. With integrated pest management services, you can rest assured that your bug control needs will be met. By working with a highly qualified pest control company, you will be able to eliminate box elder bugs from your home for good. To help you identify and control a box elder infestation, here is a look at some essential information about these bugs.

Box Elder Bug Identification

Box elder bugs get their name due to the fact that these insects spend the warmer months of the year living in box elders and other types of mature trees. These large insects are black in color and feature bright red markings along the thorax and wings. Box elder eggs are red-brown in color and will hatch a few days after they are laid.

Signs of a Box Elder Bug Infestation

When outdoor temperatures begin to drop, box elder bugs may begin to seek shelter in warmer spaces, such as the interior of a home. One of the top signs of a box elder infestation is the presence of these bugs along with the sunny areas of a building. Once box elder bugs infiltrate your home, you may also see signs of eggs and nymphs around your interior spaces.

Controlling a Box Elder Bug Problem

Once a box elder bug colony decides to overwinter in your home, you may find that your household is filled with these bothersome pests. One of the best ways to control a box elder bug problem is to work with your pest control company to develop exclusion methods. For example, you can prevent box elder bugs from entering your home by fixing broken screens, sealing gaps under doors, and repairing damage to window frames.