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For professional help with rat control anywhere within the Northern Illinois and Southeastern Wisconsin areas, contact the reliable team at Schopen Pest Solutions, headquartered in McHenry, IL. Our dedicated team of pest control specialists will help you get your rodent problem under control quickly. Rats are disease carriers, and they are a common nuisance animal in the Midwest, as well as many other areas of the country. Once they are firmly established in an area, they can be notoriously hard to get rid of—especially without professional assistance.

Our pest control services have been used by homeowners and building owners in the region for decades. We work hard to make sure you get what you need, and we know how to banish rodents for good. Our team will also handle rodent removal if you prefer not to deal with this aspect of pest elimination in your building. Contact us today to get all the details about what we can do for you.

Signs of rat infestations

When you have a rat problem, there are many signs that will point to these creatures living in your space. One of the main things you’ll see is droppings. Larger droppings signal a potential rat issue, while smaller ones may indicate mice. Rat droppings are the size of elbow macaroni while mouse droppings look like black rice. You may also be able to smell urine if enough of these rodents are present. Take a look around for any marks that look like something may have been chewed, and also take note of any holes that you may not have noticed before. You may also find a dead rat, which can mean there are more around.

Rats are creatures of habit, so if you see them in a certain area, you’re likely to see them there again. You may or may not find a rat nest, but if you listen, you might be able to hear rustling or scratching noises behind the walls. Keep an eye out for footprints as well, as they can also signal a rodent problem.

Get help for rat issues                                                                    

Ridding your property of rats is a challenge, so getting professional help is the easiest solution for any rodent problem. Schopen Pest Solutions will provide you with reliable assistance that is designed to meet your specific needs. We don’t offer one-size-fits-all solutions; we customize any pest control services to suit the situation and size of the infestation. This means you’ll only get the service you need—and you’ll only pay for whatever is necessary to handle your rat problem. We think that only makes sense.

Once a rat exterminator from our company has come out and provided you with pest control service, we are also able to help you keep rodents from returning. Not only will we offer practical suggestions for making your property less attractive to rodents, but we can also put preventive measures in place to help deter rats from coming back into your building. We will also look for entry points and get them out. Contact us today in McHenry to come out and assess your rat problem. You’ll be glad you don’t have to tackle this issue on your own!

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