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Trusted Cellar Spider Control

Unwanted pests can find their way into even the most unsuspecting areas of your home. One of these unfavorable house guests includes cellar spiders, commonly known as Daddy Long Leg spiders. That’s why Schopen Pest Solutions provides comprehensive cellar spider pest control treatments in Northern Illinois and Southeastern Wisconsin, helping you protect the comfort of your living space.

Cellar Spider being controlled by Schopen Pest Solutions

Effective Cellar Spider Control Services

Although harmless, cellar spiders are a common nuisance that no homeowner enjoys hosting. Fortunately, Schopen Pest Solutions provides hands-on treatment to eradicate these pests from your home. Count on us for prompt and effective spider treatments and preventative maintenance to ensure the best pest control practices for your Northern Illinois and Southeastern Wisconsin home.

What Is a Cellar Spider?

Cellar spiders, or daddy long legs, are classified as Phocidae arachnids. Their intimidating, long appearance is daunting, but you don’t have to worry about a cellar spider bite, as they are harmless. Cellar spiders prey on other types of pesky insects, including mosquitoes and flies. Unfortunately, they can be quite alarming when they invade your home.

Cellar Spider Identification

A long-legged cellar spider is easy to spot. Cellar spiders are small to medium-sized, with pear-shaped, pale, or light brown bodies spanning two to ten millimeters. They also have spinnerets at the rear of their abdomen. They are often found hanging upside-down from their loosely constructed, irregular webs woven in dark, secluded areas.

Cellar Spider Behavior

Cellar spiders spend most of their time in their webs, waiting for their prey to become tangled. One of the unique characteristics of cellar spiders is their intense vibrational shaking behavior that is triggered when faced with a potential predator. This movement blurs the spider’s body, helping them escape their predators.

Cellar Spider Prey

Having a few cellar spiders pop up in your home is actually advantageous. Cellar spiders are predators to many of the common pests homeowners in Northern Illinois and Southeastern Wisconsin, face. These common pests include:

  • Flying insects, such as mosquitoes, flies, and moths
  • Crawling insects, such as beetles, ants, and roaches
  • Other smaller species of arachnids including the brown recluse
  • Sap-feeding insects

Cellar Spider Habitats

Cellar spiders in houses are common. Cellar spiders prefer dark, cool habitats where they can easily create webs and capture their prey, including:

  • Basements and cellars
  • Crawl spaces
  • Barns and sheds
  • Garages
  • Attics
  • Outdoor in gardens or bushes
  • Dark crevices and corners

How to Prevent a Cellar Spider Infestation

Cellar spiders can be beneficial in controlling other more concerning pests. However, to keep your cellar spider guests to a minimum, we recommend the following:

  • Reduce humidity levels in your home.
  • Seal entry points.
  • Dust room corners to remove webs.
  • Eliminate their prey.
  • Pursue seasonal pest control.

Cellar Spider Infestation Control

Fortunately, cellar spider infestation concerns can be easily managed with professional pest control. That’s why customers in Northern Illinois and Southeastern Wisconsin look to Schopen Pest Solutions. With our integrated pest management approach, we eradicate cellar spiders and prevent further infestations with continued treatment that enhances the protection and comfort of your home.

Choose Schopen Pest Control

As Northern Illinois and Southeastern Wisconsin’s leading pest control service, Schopen Pest Solutions is your partner in quality cellar spider management. Our time-honored experience, industry-leading professionals, and local knowledge of the best pest control practices promote maximum success for your service. Count on us for a safety-first approach, customized solutions, and pest-free results.

Secure Trusted Pest Control Solutions

Don’t let pests infiltrate your home. Reclaim your comfort and peace of mind with Schopen Pest Control. From cellar spider infestations to just about any other type of pests, our professionals have you covered with comprehensive solutions that enhance your living space. Contact us today to get started.

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