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Leading Oriental Cockroach Extermination Service

With our proximity to Lake Michigan in Illinois and Wisconsin and the moist soil surrounding our area, it’s no surprise that many homeowners are faced with oriental cockroach infestations. While these unpleasant houseguests are unpleasant and hazardous, Schopen Pest Solutions ensures they do not disrupt your home for long with our leading oriental cockroach control services.

Oriental Cockroach Control in Illinois & Wisconsin

What Is an Oriental Cockroach?

Oriental cockroaches are unpleasant insects that may find their way into your home. They are typically dark brown or black and shiny and measure up to 1” in length. In contrast to many other cockroach species that prefer warm areas with access to waste, oriental cockroaches favor wet environments and often reside in sewers as they seek nourishment from decaying organic matter.

How Oriental Cockroaches Survive

Oriental cockroaches are unique as they do not care for regular food sources and instead prefer decaying matter, trash, or starches. Furthermore, they are not big eaters and can survive up to one month without food. However, they cannot last longer than two weeks without water which often leads them to gather near water sources inside homes.

Oriental Cockroach Pest Control Services

As oriental cockroaches enjoy decaying matter such as feces, trash, and other types of grime, they have unlimited exposure to an array of viruses, bacteria, and other health hazards that you don’t want to spread into your home. That’s why it’s essential to rely on trusted oriental cockroach control at the first sight of these unpleasant and smelly creatures.

How to Identify Oriental Cockroaches

Oriental cockroaches, also known as water bugs, are easy to spot as they are larger cockroaches with a greasy sheen that makes them appear shiny. The male oriental cockroaches are smaller than females, with short wings, but they do not fly. The female oriental cockroaches are slightly longer and do not have wings.

Signs of an Oriental Cockroach Infestation

A common sign of oriental cockroach infestations is sightings of dead or alive cockroaches, typically located near gutters or around sewer drains and other wet areas. However, you may not see a cockroach, but you may notice other signs that they’re nearby, including egg capsules that range from 8-10 mm and an unpleasant musty odor.

How Oriental Cockroaches Invade Homes

While oriental cockroaches prefer damp, dirty environments such as sewers, the summer months often lead them to invade households. Oriental cockroaches may enter your home through door thresholds, utility pipes, drains, and other openings to find damp, cool areas within your home, which may lead them to plumbing fixtures, crawl spaces, or basements.

How to Get Rid of Oriental Cockroaches

Oriental cockroach control is tricky as adults may be eradicated with insecticide, but eggs take up to two months to hatch and will not be affected by an insecticide. Depending on the severity of the infestation, multiple visits that include insecticide sprays or granules, dusters, and other methods may be used to rid your home of oriental cockroaches.

The Importance of Oriental Cockroach Control

Oriental cockroaches are highly filthy and potentially hazardous creatures due to their love of decaying matter. These cockroaches can transmit bacteria, including salmonella and E. Coli, and contaminate food and surfaces with pathogens that pose a risk to your health. Furthermore, like other cockroaches, they may trigger worsening allergies or asthma.

Choose Schopen Pest Solutions for Cockroach Pest Control

When you detect an oriental cockroach infestation, the experienced professionals at Schopen Pest Solutions are here to remedy the issue with trusted solutions tailored to the needs of your property. Our professionals ensure comprehensive service, including detailed inspections, treatments, and follow-ups to preserve the safety and health of your home and family.

Schedule Your Oriental Cockroach Control Service

You deserve a clean, comfortable, and hazard-free home, and the oriental cockroach control experts at Schopen Pest Solutions are here to ensure nothing stands in your way with trusted pest control solutions available when you need them most. Contact our friendly team to schedule your oriental cockroach control service and request your service quote.

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