Household Entry Points for Silverfish

preventing silverfish infestation in your house

If you have seen a small, flat insect scurrying around your laundry room, basement, or another high-moisture area, then you may have a problem with silverfish. These insects can damage several areas of your home, including pantry materials, books, and furniture. If you do not call an exterminator near Crystal Lake for pest control , then you could have an infestation soon. To prevent silverfish from entering your home, though, read the following list of common entry points.

  • One of the most common silverfish entry points are located around unsealed pipes and faucets. These areas experience heavy moisture, which attracts silverfish. Ensure all pipes and faucets are not leaking and the seals are intact.
  • Keep debris and junk from accumulating in your storage areas and yards. These piles often contain moisture, which will attract silverfish. A part of effective pest control should include clearing your home of clutter.
  • Store grains—such as cereals and flour—and pet food in airtight, plastic containers. Silverfish can eat cardboard boxes and infiltrate these common pantry foods. Ask your exterminator for further entry points to safeguard.

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