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Threat from Carpenter Ants in Illinois

Carpenter ants are a destructive pest that invades your property to build nests and colonies. Carpenter ants can enter your home through cracks, pipes, loose windows, or other open points in your home’s exterior. If you suspect that you may have a problem with carpenter ants near Crystal Lake, it is best to call an experienced exterminator to treat the problem. Keep reading for a few of the reasons why carpenter ants are a threat to your property.

Carpenter Ants Damage to Wood and Building Materials

Unlike termites that rely on wood for nutrition, carpenter ants chew through wood and then discard shavings. This distinction means nothing, however, when it comes to the negative effect that these pests can have on the structural integrity of your home. In addition to wood, carpenter ants can chew through foam insulation, composite boards, and other building materials. Over time, as carpenter ants increase the size of their colony within your home, the amount of material they destroy will increase. This steady erosion of your home’s structure can take its toll on its stability and lead to costly repairs.

Carpenter Ants are a Hidden Threat

Many homeowners with a carpenter ant infestation are unaware of the problem until a wall is opened up during construction or a remodel. Unlike other pests that make their presence known, carpenter ants can exist within the walls and other crevices of your home for years without showing any signs of inhabiting your family’s home. Rather than tearing open walls to check for the presence of a carpenter ant colony, homeowners are advised to call a knowledgeable exterminator to check for signs of this pest.

Carpenter Ants Can Indicate Other Issues

Because carpenter ants burrow into wood and building materials simply to create space in which to colonize, they frequently look for areas of your home that are already partially eroded in order to minimize their work. This means that carpenter ants tend to seek out spaces that have already been chewed by termites, rotted by moisture, or decayed by other insects. Your exterminator should check for evidence of other pests when he or she examines your home for carpenter ants.