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Common Cold-Weather Pests in Illinois
Mice are common cold-weather pests that love to spend the winters inside homes. If you’re worried that you may need rodent removal in Crystal Lake because there are signs of mice in your home, then read on to learn about where these critters like to live so you can detect and prevent mouse problems.

Where It Is Warm

Once the temperatures begin to drop, there are several household pests that start making appearances indoors. This is because, like you, the average rodent will choose a warm location over a cold one. For this reason, if your home is warm, then it is inviting to mice, and you should take precautions to help keep them outdoors and avoid the need for pest removal services.

Where There Is Food

Cold weather also means that there is less food available for mice outdoors. If you have anything in or around your home that mice will eat, then this can attract these rodents and encourage them to settle into your house. If you keep pet food or birdseed outside, then be sure to store these items inside of airtight containers. Also, check your garbage bins for holes and ensure that their lids close properly. Inside your home, inspect your pantry and transfer anything in open containers into ones that you can seal. Also, clean up pet bowls when they aren’t in use and do not leave food or dirty dishes around your kitchen. Taking these steps can help prevent the need for rodent removal services.

Where They Can Fit

Most mice are quite small, to begin with, and many of these critters can fit through openings the size of a dime. This means that mice can make their way into your home, garage, or shed through even tiny holes. To practice good mouse control this season and help keep your home rodent-free, repair holes in your buildings, replace torn screens, install door sweeps, and seal up cracks and crevices.