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Mice Exterminators at Schopen Pest Solutions
While you may see a slowdown in spider, ant, and other insect pest activity in your home this winter, that doesn’t mean your pest control issues are over. Winter is often the most active season for rat and mice exterminators serving Crystal Lake and surrounding areas, so it’s time to start taking active steps to protect your home from a mouse infestation. Here are some helpful tips on choosing the right mouse control service for your home.

Hire Exterminators Proactively

As with all pest control situations, prevention is key to managing a mouse infestation. As nights in the Crystal Lake area continue to be cold, the likelihood of a mouse or rat infestation in your home increases. Your home is a safe haven for mice in the winter because of the easy access to warmth, food, and water. Calling a mouse control expert at the first sign of mouse droppings, staining on your baseboards or damaged food packaging can help to reduce the risk of an infestation growing.

Look for Licensed and Bonded Exterminators

Pest control experts need to handle a wide variety of specific tools and chemicals that require in-depth industry knowledge. Choosing a company that hasn’t been licensed by the state of Illinois, or doesn’t carry insurance to protect you from damage to your property, can be a risky decision. Protecting your home from pests is just as important as protecting it from unqualified exterminators. Always feel comfortable asking for documentation of licenses, bonds, and insurance documentation upfront when hiring an exterminator.

Ask About Targeted Rodent Control Strategies

Finally, make sure that you hire a pest control expert that actually specializes in mice and rat extermination. Getting rid of mice is often different than managing other kinds of pests, which requires a specialized approach to ensure long-term elimination of the infestation. Ask the exterminators you’re considering about their approach to managing mouse and rat infestations in the home. Make sure to choose a company that focuses on addressing long-term rodent control, not just eliminating the current infestation.