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Rat Identification by Schopen Pest Solutions

When rats infiltrate your home, they can cause property damage, contaminate your food, and even spread diseases to you and your family. You should have an exterminator come out right away to inspect your home if you suspect rats might be present. Schopen Pest Solutions can handle rodent control in Crystal Lake and help you get rid of rats once and for all with pest removal.

There are two major kinds of rats that often give homeowners problems. Norway rats, which are also called brown or sewer rats, have gray or brown bodies, relatively short tails, and are often found underneath buildings, near trash cans, and inside of woodpiles. They like to use shredded up clothing and paper to create their nests. Meanwhile, roof rats, also called black rats, can climb well and tend to make their nests up in trees and on top of high structures. Both of these types of rats can create havoc in homes and should be dealt with immediately. When you hire Schopen Pest Solutions to serve as your pest control specialist, we will eliminate your rat problem as quickly as possible with our superb pest control services.