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Pest Control Experts in Crystal Lake, IL

Are you looking for an ant control professional serving Crystal Lake? Ant infestations are a common problem seen by pest control experts. North America is home to 60 different ant species, and each one’s sense of smell is as sensitive as a dog’s.

Ants are impressive insects, boasting the largest brain in proportion to body size of any creature on Earth. They can also use their mouths to lift objects more than 50 times their body weight. Though tiny, ants are exceptionally good at surviving; ant workers can live as long as 10 years, and a leaf-cutter ant queen can mate a single time, establish a colony, and store the sperm for as long as 15 years while using it to produce offspring.

Schopen Pest Solutions provides exceptional exterminator services for rodents, fleas, ants, and many other household pests. If you have an infestation, contact us today to learn about our comprehensive pest control programs.