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Asian Lady Beetle Exterminators in Illinois

Asian lady beetles are similar in color, shape, and size to ladybugs, though they can become annoying and destructive if allowed to infest your home or property. Without effective bug removal in Crystal Lake, you could be looking at unattractive and smelly stains from dead and dying Asian lady beetles. Here are some simple ways to deter these pests until your bug exterminator arrives:

Install Screens

Even if you have not noticed an infestation of Asian lady beetles, you should still install screens around your home. Cover all of your windows, doors, and any cracks or holes that might lead to your home. To keep other pests out, use a metal mesh that will help with bug control and rodent control.

Seal Cracks

If you find cracks or holes in your foundation or your walls—exterior and interior—then seal them up right away. Any type of bug, including Asian lady beetles and bees, can find their way into your home through these cracks. To deter any type of infestation, plug the hole with steel wool and caulking. This will discourage all types of bugs and rodents who may try to enter your home.

Vacuum Them Up

In the event you find an infestation of Asian lady beetles in your home, then you can remove them by vacuuming them up. This is a cleaner style of bug removal because these beetles will leave behind a messy residue when they are killed. If you squash them or surprise them, they tend to release a smelly, yellow residue that can stain your carpet or linens. It is best to suck them up through a handheld vacuum and throw away the remains in a sealed bag.

Call Professionals

It is always the smart choice to call a professional and qualified bug exterminator. Whether you have Asian lady beetles or another pest infestation, a bug exterminator can examine all possible points of entry the bugs have, seal them permanently, and remove the bugs in a manner that is safe to you and your property.