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Silverfish are one of the most primitive animals on the planet. They have been active for over 400 million years! Silverfish can be among the hardest pests to eliminate due to the fact that they can hide inside attic spaces and walls for several years! If you live in Hawthorn Woods and you have a cedar-shake roof, you have probably experienced silverfish at some point. They hide under the cedar shake, feeding on dead insects and other materials. They will eventually leave the cedar shake and move into the client’s attics. This makes them a common pest in communities with cedar-shake roofs such as Hawthorn Woods, Barrington, South Barrington, and Kildeer.

They consume matter that contains polysaccharides, such as starches and dextrin in adhesives. Because they will eat glue and paper, they can be a particularly bad pest in libraries. In homes, they can harm wallpaper and the backing on insulation squares. It is easy to spot silverfish because they have a shiny, silver exoskeleton and they move like a fish. They love moisture and will move out of attics and into homeowners’ bathrooms. Most people see silverfish for the first time because they were crawling across the bathroom ceiling or behind the toilet.

At Schopen Pest Solutions, Inc., we help clients eliminate silverfish throughout the Chicagoland area in communities like Lakewood, Long Grove, and Lake Barrington. Part of our pest control services includes baiting the attic with a granular product that the silverfish consume. This pesticide will kill them in the attic before they get to the hallways and bathrooms.