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Woman Giving Review to Pest Control Man in Illinois
At Schopen Pest Solutions, our pest control services near Crystal Lake also include important follow-up services. Once we investigate your home for signs of a pest infestation, we will develop a comprehensive pest control plan to rid your home of its unwanted visitors. After our initial pest control services are complete, we will schedule follow up visits with one of our exterminators.

The frequency of your follow up pest control services depends upon the pests that we were exterminating. We recommend weekly follow up visits after a cockroach infestation, as getting rid of cockroaches completely will require more than one visit. Yours follow up visit is scheduled two weeks after your initial services for a mice infestation, and four to five weeks later for most other household pests.

During your follow up visit, your exterminator will determine how severe your pest problem currently is. He will investigate your home for signs of infestation and contamination, and he’ll ask you if you’ve seen any other signs of pests since your initial pest control services were performed. If you have, he will schedule another extermination and pest removal procedure. Schopen Pest Solutions offers and recommends a regular quarterly service.