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Mice and other rodents are some of the most persistent pests you’re likely to encounter. Although rodents are active all year long, they can be particularly troublesome in the winter, when many other pests die off or lie dormant. Because mice and rodents can cause extensive damage to your home and pose a serious health risk to your family, it’s essential to call for professional mice and rodent control services near Crystal Lake as soon as you suspect you might have rodents in your home. Our mouse exterminators at Schopen Pest Solutions in Crystal Lake, IL provide expert pest management. We offer professional rodent extermination services.

How Mice and Rodents Damage Your Home

Mice, rats, and other rodents are extremely effective at causing extensive property damage quickly. Prompt Crystal Lake rodent control service is the best solution to prevent or minimize the impact of a mouse or rat population on your home, your belongings, and your family.

  • Rodents constantly gnaw on objects. Gnawing can damage any material or finish in your home, including electrical wiring, wood and plastic, electronics, foam, books and papers, furnishings, and even water pipes, which can lead to water damage as well as other rodent-related damage.
  • Mice and rats seek out sheltered areas in which to create a nest. Insulation damage is often associated with a mice infestation, as they may nest inside or carry off pieces of your insulation, affecting your home’s comfort and energy efficiency.
  • Feces, urine, and grease from rodent fur can cause damage, discoloration, and unpleasant odors that affect baseboards, flooring, fabrics, and even paint and wallpaper.

The Keys to Effective Rodent & Mouse Control In Crystal Lake IL

Once you have identified a rodent infestation in your home, our Crystal Lake rodent removal exterminator will help you solve the problem. Effective long-term rodent control consists not only of removing mice and rats from your home now, but taking steps to ensure they cannot return in the future. After a mice infestation has been identified and the rodents have been removed, it’s important to determine all possible access points into your home and seal them. Other steps you should take include eliminating sources of food, water, and shelter by keeping supplies in your pantry tightly sealed, using only trash cans with attachable lids, and eliminating sources of standing water from your home or property. Schopen Pest Solutions uses steel wool and expanding foam to seal mice out. Once your home has been rodent-proofed, scheduling regular professional pest inspections and rodent treatments will help you remain vigilant and catch future issues quickly so they can be addressed immediately. Schopen Pest Solutions, Inc. specializes in pest control services and mouse extermination throughout northern Illinois and southeastern Wisconsin— call us at (847) 529-2847 to learn more about insect and rodent control solutions.

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