Vole Control

If you need help with vole control within the Northern Illinois and Southeastern Wisconsin areas, Schopen Pest Solutions, located in McHenry, IL is here for you! We have worked with many homeowners and farmers in the region to get these pesky animals out of the garden and lawns. If you are experiencing issues with this common rodent, reach out to our experienced pest control team for professional help banishing the destructive animals from your property. If you wait too long you could be in for a long battle with these persistent creatures as they can be extremely hard to get rid of.

People often mistake voles for moles, but these are not the same animals. Voles travel along the surface while moles travel underground. A Vole looks much more like a mouse, while a mole’s ears and eyes are difficult even to spot. While moles eat grubs and insects, voles are much more likely to compete with humans for edibles. They like to dine on vegetables, and they can also cause damage to bushes, grass and trees in their search for food. If you have a vole problem, it makes sense to address it right away, before they have caused extensive damage to your plantings or lawns.

Signs of a vole infestation

You can see vole paths throughout the ground all over the yard. If you haven’t seen any animals yet, a sure sign it’s a vole and not a mole is if your vegetables and grass are being eaten. The paths that voles dig are at the top of the dirt and are generally a couple of inches across. Yellow plants, droppings, and burrows are the primary signs that voles are at work on your property.

Occasionally you may see shrubs or small bushes that are leaning or look ill, and this can also be a sign that voles are tunneling around. Depending on how many you have, they can cause a significant amount of damage to your plants.

Vole extermination help

Schopen Pest Solutions can help you eliminate voles from your landscape. We have decades of experience doing battle with these little rodent pests, and we know what works best. Our experienced team of pest control specialists will evaluate your current vole infestation, determine a course of action that makes sense in your given situation, then tell you what they plan to do to get rid of the rodents. We address each vole situation on a case-by-case basis because what we recommend will depend in large part upon how many voles we think you have on your property.

Contact our office in McHenry, IL today to schedule an appointment for us to come out and take a look at your grounds. We’ll send out an experienced tech to examine your yard or farmland and come up with a plan that makes sense for your needs.

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