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Schopen Pest Solutions provides mouse control assistance to customers who need it. Our company, based in McHenry, IL serves both Northern Illinois and Southeastern Wisconsin business owners and residential clients. The common mouse is one of the most challenging pests to address as they multiply quickly and can find their way into many small spaces easily. Mice can squeeze under doors and push their way through tiny holes, and they can jump, swim, and hide easily. Banishing them from a home or commercial space means a combination of prevention and extermination. Our company will handle both for you.

Mice can carry disease, cause allergic reactions, destroy wiring, insulation, and contaminate other materials inside your building. Their urine and feces and this can stain flooring, walls, and even ceilings if there are enough of these pests living inside. Setting out some traps may seem like a good idea, but this rarely does the trick. If you see signs of mice, you’ll want to act right away.

Signs of a mice infestation

There can be many signs of a mouse infestation, from seeing rodent droppings to actually finding nests. The chances are good that if you spot a mouse in your living or working space, there are many more close by. In addition to these signs, mice also chew through bags of food, make pathways through insulation and other materials, and leave footprints if they walk through dirt and dust.

Once you know mice are living in the building, it’s important to get help immediately. Inside, mice can live for a longer period of time than outdoors and can give birth to somewhere around 40 to 50 babies each year. It’s easy to see how an unchecked population of mice could really explode if not addressed in a timely fashion. Calling a pest control company that specializes in mice extermination is a smart move. Call Schopen Pest Solutions, Inc. today!

Free estimate for mice extermination

Schopen Pest Solutions will come out and give you a free estimate for our services if you are experiencing a problem with mice in your building anywhere within the Northern Illinois and Southeastern Wisconsin areas. We create custom plans for our customers based on the information we find when we investigate the issue. As professionals, we don’t believe that one solution fits every building, person or situation. Please contact us today, and we’ll send someone out to take a look at your space and give you an idea of what we can do to help.

In addition to our pest removal services, we also provide quarterly service plans and other options to make sure the problems don’t return. Just ask us for more information when you call, and we’ll be glad to walk you through the choices that are available.

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