• Understanding Bee Stings

    Bee stings are all too familiar during the summer season. In this video, you will learn about the reasons why bees and other stinging insects use their painful stingers. While the common honeybee will only sting in defense, wasps and other insects will sting out of aggression. A bug exterminator near Crystal Lake can help to eliminate any stinging bugs that may be invading your backyard.

    If you are tired of worrying about bee and wasp stings in the summer, now is a great time to call a bug exterminator. After your bug removal service, you will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your property is safe and free from stinging insects.

  • Could You Benefit from Our Power Spray Program?

    If you are struggling with a pest invasion on your property, consider scheduling a power spray service from Schopen Pest Solutions. Our bug removal experts have created our power spray program to combat earwigs, box elder bugs, and many other types of insects that can infest your home. With services from our bug removal team in Crystal Lake, you can protect your home against irritating or potentially harmful pests.

    Our power spray program offers a few distinctive benefits to homeowners. When you schedule power spray services, you can set up quarterly bug removal treatments for your property. With quarterly treatments, you will never have to worry about missing a treatment and allowing your bug problem to get out of hand. Since our treatment offers instant results, you can immediately rest assured that your bug problem has been removed. After your power spray service is completed, you will be able to enjoy spending time in your home’s outdoor spaces.

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  • Spotting the Signs of Carpenter Ants

    Carpenter ants are highly destructive insects that can seriously compromise the structural integrity of your house. Since there are many ant species that can potentially invade your home, you will want to ask a bug control technician in Crystal Lake to help you identify your problem . Scheduling bug control services from a qualified exterminator will allow you to remove your carpenter ant problem at the source. Here are some signs that carpenter ants may have invaded your home this summer: carpenter - ants

    Large Black Insects

    When you are looking for the signs of carpenter ants in your home, you should be on the lookout for large, black insects walking along your floors or baseboards. Carpenter ants are much larger than other ant species, and adult carpenter ants can reach up to a half-inch in length. If your ants are on the smaller side, chances are that you have been invaded by other ant species.

    Unusual Piles of Sawdust

    Carpenter ants chew through wooden materials in order to create their nests and colonies. To identify carpenter ants in your home, look for unusual piles of sawdust popping up in corners of your home. As carpenter ants munch their way through wood, they leave piles of sawdust behind.

    Strange Rustling Noises

    You may be able to hear a carpenter ant colony once they have made their way into the wooden materials throughout your home. As carpenter ants march through their tunnels, they will create a distinctive rustling sound. These sounds can easily be mistaken for the signs of other creatures, such as termites or mice.

    Damaged Wooden Surfaces

    A colony of carpenter ants can be extremely destructive to the wooden materials around your home. If you suddenly notice that your doors, baseboards, or other wooden items have signs of holes or tunnels, a colony of carpenter ants may be to blame. Fortunately, your bug exterminator will be able to find the colony and completely eliminate the carpenter ant problem in your home.

  • Could You Recognize a Brown Recluse Spider?

    The brown recluse spider is among the most dreaded and dangerous members of the spider kingdom. This video will provide you with the information that you will need to identify a one of these spiders in your home. Brown recluse spiders can be identified by their distinctive, violin-like markings and set of 6 eyes. A spider exterminator near Crystal Lake can safely remove this deadly pest from your property.

    If you are worried that you may have a spider infestation, you can rest assured that your exterminator will be there to assist you. Using proven methods and materials, a professional spider extermination company will be able to get rid of your deadly spider problem for good.

  • Spotlight on the Cellar Spider

    Is your home affected by a spider infestation ? If so, then consider contacting a spider exterminator in Crystal Lake to help ensure your safety and comfort. Some of the types of spiders that you may spot in your home can include the long-bodied cellar spider, wolf spider, brown recluse or yellow-sac spider.

    Often referred to as daddy-long-legs spiders because of their long, thin legs, long-bodied cellar spiders are typically spotted in areas like basements and cellars where the environment is damp and dark. You’ll be glad to learn that this type of spider does not pose a threat to humans due to their weak mouth parts that prevent them from injecting venom into the skin.

    If you have a spider infestation, however, contacting a bug control company about treatment is often recommended. As for prevention, installing yellow light bulbs can make your property less appealing to these insects and decreasing the humidity throughout your home can cause it to be less habitable for these spiders.

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  • Simple Mouse Prevention Tips

    Keeping rodents out of your home can help protect the health of your family and the integrity of your property. If you’re hoping to avoid the need for mouse extermination near Crystal Lake , then practicing good pest control is key. Continue reading for some simple mouse prevention tips. mice-  mouse

    Contain Your Food

    One of the easiest ways to attract pests to your home is to provide them with a food source. For this reason, any food that is not kept in your freezer or refrigerator should be stored in airtight containers, and this goes for things like bird seed and pet food as well. Also, pet food bowls should be emptied and cleaned once your pets have finished their meals. Outdoors, check your garbage cans to ensure that their lids are working and kept latched and that their bases are free of holes.

    Remove Water Sources

    As with food, the availability of water on your property is another factor to consider when it comes to mouse control. Crawlspaces, basements, and attics should be kept dry and well ventilated, and any leaky pipes or plumbing fixtures should be addressed.

    Clear the Exterior

    Many homeowners don’t realize that leaving debris and clutter around and against their home can invite unwanted guests. Mice and other rodents will happily take up residence in a pile of firewood, building supplies, or yard equipment. Because of this, you should keep things like this well away from your house by leaving a gap of at least 20 feet between debris and your home’s exterior. Additionally, look for any possible entry points into your home and seal these as part of the mouse control process.

    Call a Pro

    At the first sign of a mouse problem, give your local pest management company a call. Taking care of this problem early will make it easier to eliminate it and can reduce the amount of damage to your home. Remember, if you see one mouse, then there is a good chance that there are more.

  • Why You Should Control Spiders in Your House

    When you are creating an extermination plan for your property, you may want to include spider control services . While some spiders can actually help you with bug control on your property, others can pose a serious safety threat to you and your loved ones. A company that offers spider control in Crystal Lake will be able to help you identify and remove any venomous spiders that have infiltrated your property. By getting rid of your venomous spiders, you can rest assured that your home is free and clear of dangerous insects. Here is a closer look at three spider species that require immediate attention fro a spider exterminator. spider - control

    Black Widows

    Black widows are among the most notorious venomous spiders in the United States. In fact, a single bite from a black widow spider can be fatal. Since black window spiders are so venomous, you will want to hire an exterminator at the first sign of an infestation. These spiders can be easily identified by the red marks that are found on their abdomens.

    Brown Recluses

    Another spider species that you will want to watch out for in your home is the brown recluse. Like black widow spiders, the bite of a brown recluse is highly poisonous. However, brown recluse bites are not fatal. When you are bitten by a brown recluse, you may experience a highly swollen and painful bite. In order to identify a black widow spider, you may want to look for its unique, six eyed head.

    Hobo Spider

    The presence of hobo spiders in your home should also be a cause for concern. When hobo spiders infest your property, they make take up residence in your window wells, cabinets, and other dark and out of the way places. A hobo spider bite may seem minor at first, but even a tiny bite can swell into a severely painful and infected sore. For total peace of mind, be sure to set up a spider control appointment with your local extermination company.

  • Diagnosing a Spider Bite

    If you have a bite on your body that was not caused by a mosquito or another kind of common insect, you might suspect that you were bitten by a spider. Watch this video to hear more about spider bites and to see why you should consider calling a company that specializes in spider control in Crystal Lake .

    Most spiders are not dangerous to your health and, in most cases, a spider bite will hurt less than a bee sting. The pain from a spider bite will also go away in about an hour, if not sooner. However, you should still think about having a spider control company come to your home to treat it for spiders, because there are some spiders that can inject venom into people. By getting rid of these types of spiders, you can protect yourself and your family.

  • A Look at Some Common Household Spiders

    The sight of a spider is too much for some homeowners to take. While flies, bees, mosquitoes, and other insects can all cause a reaction in the average homeowner, there are very few people who like spiders. They like them even less when they are located in a place where they spend most of their time. You can eliminate spiders from your home today by obtaining pest control services near Crystal Lake. Here are just a few of the spiders that you might find lurking around inside your home. Household spider

    American House Spider

    This type of spider is typically yellowish brown with spots on it. American house spiders are known to frequent closets, garages, sheds, basements, and the spaces underneath of furniture. They don’t have good vision, so they will not usually become aggressive with people.

    Domestic House Spider

    Domestic house spiders are dark orange or brown and have dark bands on their legs. They like to hide behind furniture and in very dark places like attics, basements, and other places where they are unlikely to be disturbed. They compete for space with other spiders and can spread throughout your home if they aren’t stopped.

    Yellow Sac Spider

    Sac Spiders are small hunters that build silky tubes in cracks, creases or hidden in clothing. They are particularly annoying because they will build their silken retreats right out in the open at the top of walls where the wall meets the ceiling. The Yellow Sac spider can be found in homes from coast to coast. They are easily distinguishable by their banana-colored bodies. While they are not really poisonous to humans, their bite can be painful and have been known to wake sleeping victims.

    Wolf Spiders

    Wolf spiders are active hunters. They are without question the number one spider that causes stress in homeowners. Wolf spiders have excellent vision and can spot humans approaching which helps them to flee. Wolf Spiders are tannish to brown in color and can vary in size from a quarter of an inch up to 1.5 inches. People tend to find them in garages, crawl spaces and basements.

  • Spiders in the Upper Midwest

    Many people believe that spiders are beneficial because they eat other pests. Schopen Pest Solutions however, believes that most are species of pests that need to be eliminated. If you suspect that you have a spider infestation, call a bug exterminator near Crystal Lake to help with pest control. Though very few spiders found in Illinois and Wisconsin will actually bite a human and even fewer can actually cause fatal harm to a healthy adult, some spider bites can be very serious for children and older adults. Biting spiders you might find in this region include:

    Common Sac Spiders
    By far the most common biting spider found in the Midwest, common sac spiders are not particularly poisonous, though their bites are irritating. You will not feel immediate discomfort, but a mild sore can develop within a day or so of getting bitten. Usually, the sore will clear up within a week, and it can disappear even faster if you visit a doctor and get antibiotics to prevent secondary infections.

    Spiders in the Upper Midwest | Crystal Lake.

    Brown Recluses
    Though they are not common, brown recluses have been sighted in the Midwest. Their bodies measure about half an inch, not including the leg spread, and as the name implies they are tan to brown in color. If you are bitten, you may not feel anything until six to twelve hours later, and over the next several days the sore can become extremely painful, like an open wound or ulcer. Visit a doctor and call the exterminators immediately if you suspect you have a brown recluse bite.

    Northern Widows
    The term “black widow” can refer to a variety of spider species, all with a characteristic reddish hourglass mark on their backs. The Northern widow is the most likely to be found in the Midwest, though they are still uncommon. Black widow venom actually contains very powerful neurotoxins, so after being bitten you may experience spasms and back pain. Again, visit a doctor immediately if you suspect you have been bitten, then call an exterminator. Leave these potentially dangerous arachnids to pest control professionals.