• Understanding Bee Stings

    Bee stings are all too familiar during the summer season. In this video, you will learn about the reasons why bees and other stinging insects use their painful stingers. While the common honeybee will only sting in defense, wasps and other insects will sting out of aggression. A bug exterminator near Crystal Lake can help to eliminate any stinging bugs that may be invading your backyard.

    If you are tired of worrying about bee and wasp stings in the summer, now is a great time to call a bug exterminator. After your bug removal service, you will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your property is safe and free from stinging insects.

  • Comparing Bee Hives and Wasp Nests

    Do you need pest management or an exterminator in Crystal Lake because you have wasps or bees on your property? It’s common for people to notice these stinging insects buzzing around once the weather warms up, and leaving pest removal to the pros when it comes to bees and wasps can be important for your safety. If you’re wondering whether you have bees or wasps living nearby, then watch this video to learn how to tell the difference between the homes of these insects.

    Is it a Wasp Nest or a Bee Hive?

    Yellowjackets are typically seen flying into holes in the ground or the wall of a building which leads to their hidden home. Football-shaped nests with smooth walls are often home to hornets, and umbrella-shaped nests with hexagonal cells are usually made by paper wasps. Have you spotted one of these nests near your home? If so, then contact a pest control company about removal.

    Bee and Wasp Exterminator

    Leave the stinging insects to the experts. If your home in the McHenry, IL, area is in need of bee or wasp removal, give us a call today at (847) 529-2847.

  • Fighting Back Against Crawling Insects

    If the mere thought of creepy, crawly spiders makes your hair stand on end, you will want to take all of the steps that are needed to prevent these insects from invading your home. A company that offers expert bug extermination services near Crystal Lake will be able to identify, remove, and prevent spiders, ants, and other crawling insects that may be trying to invade your home. With professional spider nest removal, you can rest assured that your unwelcome pests have been exterminated for good. Let’s look at some proven methods that can help you fight back against crawling insects in your home. spider - insect

    Keep Interior Spaces Clean

    Keeping a clean and tidy house is one highly effective way to prevent a crawling insect infestation. If you neglect to sweep and dust underneath your furniture and in every corner of your room, you may be providing crawling insects with the perfect hiding places. Routine vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping will go a long way toward preventing a crawling insect infestation.

    Remember to Care for Your Landscaping

    In order for crawling insects to make their way to the interior of your home, they must first find hiding places in your exterior landscaping. By keeping your trees and bushes neatly trimmed and cleaned, you can discourage crawling insects from making their nests in your yard. Taking the time to schedule professional lawn care and landscaping services may help you prevent a crawling insect infestation on your property.

    Hire Experienced Pest Control Professionals

    Rather than facing the stress of dealing with a crawling pest infestation on your own, you can leave your extermination up to a team of professionals. A company that specializes in bug extermination will have the tools needed to target your bug infestation at the source. Your exterminators may also be able to provide you with exclusion methods that will discourage spiders, ants, and other insects from invading your home in the first place. By taking the time to schedule routine pest control services, you can keep your household free of insects.

  • Pests to Watch For in the Spring


    During every season, there are different types of pests that can infest your home and require the professional attention of a pest control service serving Crystal Lake. Rodents are most noticeable during the winter, but as soon as the weather starts to warm up there are new pests you need to watch out for.

    Flies | Schopen Pest Solutions During spring, you will start to see the first flies of the season. Did you know that there are pest control measures an exterminator can take to eliminate them? Also, as the frost of winter disappears, ants will begin to come out of their burrows and start to search for food, and they can find their way into your home through tiny cracks in the outer walls. Other insects that resurge in the spring include Asian lady beetles and Boxelder bugs. Single cone wasps also start to become active in the spring. To avoid getting stung when removing a nest, hire exterminators for the pest removal process. Call Schopen Pest Solutions today at (847) 529-2847.