Silverfish Infestation? Here’s what you should know.

Silverfish Pest

While many pests in the McHenry area will slow down during the winter, many more still flourish.  For residents of McHenry, a troublesome pest is the silverfish.  Silverfish will come down from your attic and will infest your bathroom.  Silverfish are a wingless pest that thrive in humid areas such as a crawlspace, under cedarshake tiles, bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms.  Silverfish get their nickname because they are silver-to-grayish brown in color and flop back-and-forth just like a fish.  Silverfish will feed on anything that contains starches or carbohydrates usually found in adhesives.  These include book bindings, carpet, paper, glue, clothing and hair or dandruff.  Silverfish will die on contact with residual pesticides.  If you live in the McHenry area, please call a pest professional, such as Schopen Pest Solutions, to help you resolve this issue.

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