• Do Mice Really Like Cheese?

    A common myth about mice and rodents is that these furry pests are attracted to cheese. In fact, rodents find many types of cheese completely unappealing. When you check out this video, you will learn more about the myths surrounding mice and cheese. If you want to achieve proper mouse control near Crystal Lake , you may have better success if you bait your traps with grains, fruits, or sweets.

    To ensure that your mouse control problem has been completely eliminated, you should work with a pest control company that specializes in rodent elimination. Your exterminators will have extensive knowledge about mice behaviors, and they will be able to choose an effective method for dealing with your rodent issue.

  • Fighting Back Against Crawling Insects

    If the mere thought of creepy, crawly spiders makes your hair stand on end, you will want to take all of the steps that are needed to prevent these insects from invading your home. A company that offers expert bug extermination services near Crystal Lake will be able to identify, remove, and prevent spiders, ants, and other crawling insects that may be trying to invade your home. With professional spider nest removal, you can rest assured that your unwelcome pests have been exterminated for good. Let’s look at some proven methods that can help you fight back against crawling insects in your home. spider - insect

    Keep Interior Spaces Clean

    Keeping a clean and tidy house is one highly effective way to prevent a crawling insect infestation. If you neglect to sweep and dust underneath your furniture and in every corner of your room, you may be providing crawling insects with the perfect hiding places. Routine vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping will go a long way toward preventing a crawling insect infestation.

    Remember to Care for Your Landscaping

    In order for crawling insects to make their way to the interior of your home, they must first find hiding places in your exterior landscaping. By keeping your trees and bushes neatly trimmed and cleaned, you can discourage crawling insects from making their nests in your yard. Taking the time to schedule professional lawn care and landscaping services may help you prevent a crawling insect infestation on your property.

    Hire Experienced Pest Control Professionals

    Rather than facing the stress of dealing with a crawling pest infestation on your own, you can leave your extermination up to a team of professionals. A company that specializes in bug extermination will have the tools needed to target your bug infestation at the source. Your exterminators may also be able to provide you with exclusion methods that will discourage spiders, ants, and other insects from invading your home in the first place. By taking the time to schedule routine pest control services, you can keep your household free of insects.

  • Get the Facts About Boxelder Bugs

    When outdoor temperatures start to gradually warm up, your backyard could be at a greater risk of developing a boxelder bug infestation. Boxelder bugs, which are found across North America, prefer to make their homes in the boxelder tree. During the height of summer, thousands of these insects can swarm a single boxelder tree. With services from a bug exterminator near Crystal Lake , you can remove a boxelder bug infestation from your property. To help you gear up for summertime bug control, here is a look at some important facts about boxelder bugs. boxelder - bugs

    Boxelder bugs are seasonal pests.

    While boxelder bugs can be a serious nuisance during the summer season, they typically will not invade your property during other times of the year. During the height of summer, increased daytime temperatures signal the boxelder bugs to start nesting in mature maples and boxelder trees. Once they have reproduced over the course of the summer season, the adult boxelders will find warm hiding places where they will be protected during the winter.

    Boxelder bugs have specific habitat requirements.

    Boxelder bugs are so named because they prefer to live in mature boxelder trees during the hot days of summer. The trees provide plenty of shelter and shade for their eggs, and the adult boxelder bugs also feed on the boxelder seeds. If you have boxelder trees in your backyard, it is important to be aware of the threat that these insects pose to your property.

    Boxelder bug infestations can be prevented.

    If your home or property has been infested with boxelder bugs in past seasons, there is a good chance that they will return to your home this summer. In order to prepare your home for a boxelder infestation, you should contact a pest control company before the start of their summer breeding season. A bug exterminator will be able to treat your boxelder trees so that they are undesirable for nesting insects. Additionally, your exterminator may also recommend that you seal up cracks in your home’s doors and windows.

  • Spotlight on the Cellar Spider

    Is your home affected by a spider infestation ? If so, then consider contacting a spider exterminator in Crystal Lake to help ensure your safety and comfort. Some of the types of spiders that you may spot in your home can include the long-bodied cellar spider, wolf spider, brown recluse or yellow-sac spider.

    Often referred to as daddy-long-legs spiders because of their long, thin legs, long-bodied cellar spiders are typically spotted in areas like basements and cellars where the environment is damp and dark. You’ll be glad to learn that this type of spider does not pose a threat to humans due to their weak mouth parts that prevent them from injecting venom into the skin.

    If you have a spider infestation, however, contacting a bug control company about treatment is often recommended. As for prevention, installing yellow light bulbs can make your property less appealing to these insects and decreasing the humidity throughout your home can cause it to be less habitable for these spiders.

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