What Attracts Pavement Ants?

Ants are an incredibly common pest, and pavement ants are some of the most frequently found ants in the U.S. These insects get their name from their habit of building nests under cracks in pavement. Are you planning to call an exterminator for pest control in Crystal Lake because of pavement ants? If so, then knowing more about these insects and what makes your property appealing to them can help you avoid future infestations.

Pavement ants will eat nearly anything, such as cheese, honeydew, bread, seeds, meats, nuts, and other insects. However, it is moisture that pavement ants are most attracted to when it comes to choosing a home, as with most other pests. To prevent these ants from being attracted to your property, eliminate any sources of excess moisture around your home. To keep these ants outdoors, trim any tree branches over your roof and seal up cracks in your home’s exterior. If you currently have a pavement ant infestation, then consider contacting an exterminator for pest management services.

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