• Household Entry Points for Silverfish

    If you have seen a small, flat insect scurrying around your laundry room, basement, or another high-moisture area, then you may have a problem with silverfish. These insects can damage several areas of your home, including pantry materials, books, and furniture. If you do not call an exterminator near Crystal Lake for pest control , then you could have an infestation soon. To prevent silverfish from entering your home, though, read the following list of common entry points.

    • One of the most common silverfish entry points are located around unsealed pipes and faucets. These areas experience heavy moisture, which attracts silverfish. Ensure all pipes and faucets are not leaking and the seals are intact.
    • Keep debris and junk from accumulating in your storage areas and yards. These piles often contain moisture, which will attract silverfish. A part of effective pest control should include clearing your home of clutter.
    • Store grains—such as cereals and flour—and pet food in airtight, plastic containers. Silverfish can eat cardboard boxes and infiltrate these common pantry foods. Ask your exterminator for further entry points to safeguard.

  • What You May Not Know About Mice

    As any mouse exterminator in Crystal Lake can tell you, mice are not as sweet and cute as they look. Mice are responsible for the spread of various diseases, and they are crafty invaders that can infiltrate any area of your house. To learn more about mice and mouse control, continue reading. mice - exterminator

    They spread many diseases.

    Mice have been found to carry up to 200 bacteria and viruses that can infect humans. These dangerous diseases will not affect the mice, but they can be fatal to humans. Mice are best known for spreading diseases like Hantavirus and Salmonella, which can lead to painful symptoms and possibly death. They can also indirectly spread Lyme Disease, which can cause painful symptoms like a skin rash, fever, and a headache. Mice and other rodents can spread these diseases through direct handling, but they can also spread through feces, urine, and bites, which make quick mouse control essential.

    They reproduce quickly.

    When you find a mouse, you can almost guarantee there will be many more located in the walls or attic of your house. Female mice can have a litter of babies every three weeks once they reach maturity at two months old. By reproducing so quickly, one female mouse could have up to 150 offspring in one year. As each new female mouse reaches maturity, she will begin reproducing just as quickly. Soon, you may have a dangerous mouse infestation in your home. If you notice one mouse, then call your mouse exterminator right away to remove it and examine your house for an infestation.

    They can reach many places.

    Rodents may be tiny, but they are strong and creative creatures that can reach several unexpected areas. Mice can jump up to a foot to reach various surfaces. They can also climb or swim to other areas, such as a kitchen counter, pantry shelf, and furniture. In addition to reaching surfaces, mice can compress their bodies and squeeze through holes the size of a dime. It is necessary to have an exterminator cover all openings to prevent mice entering your home.

  • A Look at the Three Most Common Ant Species

    Pest control covers a variety of insects and mammals, such as ants, cockroaches, and rodents. There are many common pests that homeowners can find in and around their houses. Ants are one of the most annoying pests that exterminators see, making knowledge a key asset of pest control. By knowing the traits and habits of common ant species, professional exterminators can perfect and implement helpful forms of pest control near Crystal Lake. Continue reading to learn more. Carpenter Ant | Schopen Pest Solutions

    Carpenter Ants

    Though they are not related to termites, carpenter ants have a similar relationship with wood. Carpenter ants can chew through wood and hollow out areas to build their nests. They do not consume wood, however, which makes them very different from termites. Carpenter ants typically eat dead insects and nectar from plants and aphids. They build their nests in humid areas like damp or rotting wood. There are several species of carpenter ants, but the most common are black in color and range from 3.4 to 13 mm long.

    Odorous House Ants

    Odorous house ants are more annoying than damaging to a house or its owners. They often have temporary nests that contain several queens and ants. Due to the temporary nature of their colonies, odorous house ants can be hard for the most experienced exterminator to fully eradicate. To prevent an infestation, remove all landscaping structures or junk piles away from vegetation and the house. These ants can easily access a house through outside landscaping structures.

    Pavement Ants

    Pavement ants are often found outside and under paved areas like concrete slabs, driveways, and patios. This ant species does have a stinger, but it will only sting if a limb is in close proximity to the nest. Though they are usually found outside, pavement ants can venture indoors to feed on sweet or greasy items. Pavement ants should be dealt with by a professional exterminator who knows the correct way to eradicate and prevent pavement ant colonies.

    Ant Control in McHenry, IL

    Ant removal on your own can be difficult. Call (847) 529-2847 to speak with the pest control experts at Schopen Pest Solutions.

  • What Does Schopen’s Quarterly Service Cover?

    Are you searching for a year-round answer to pest management in Crystal Lake? If so, then look no further than the quarterly pest control services from Schopen Pest Solutions . Whether you’re worried about rodent extermination, spider removal, or general pest management, then this is the service for you.

    When one of the pest professionals from Schopen Pest Solutions visits your home to provide quarterly service, the appointment will typically include treatments for common pests seen in the current season. In the fall, homes often need treatment for yellow jackets and boxelder bugs, and winter generally calls for mouse and spider treatment. A spring service visit usually addresses spiders and ants, and a summer appointment will often include treatment for wasps and carpenter ants.

    If you’re tired of dealing with a new pest each season and want to prevent infestations and damage to your home, then visit the Schopen Pest Solutions website today to learn more about our quarterly pest control service.

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