What to Expect from Schopen’s Initial Service

When you are seeking top quality pest control in Crystal Lake, be sure to get in touch with Schopen Pest Solutions . Our experienced exterminators will make sure that your pest problem has been fully and completely eliminated. When you set up pest control with our company, your appointment will begin with an initial service. This hour long appointment will include all of the services that are needed to identify and address a pest problem in your home.

To get ready for your pest control appointment with Schopen, it is a great idea to read up about our initial service. During your first appointment, an exterminator will perform a careful visual inspection of your property. Next, your exterminator will explain all of the services that will be needed to eliminate your pest problem. Finally, your home will receive its first pest treatment. After this initial treatment, you will be able to talk to your exterminator to determine whether your property is in need of additional extermination services.

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