• Getting Rid of Asian Lady Beetles

    Asian lady beetles are similar in color, shape, and size to lady bugs, though they can become annoying and destructive if allowed to infest your home or property. Without effective bug removal in Crystal Lake, you could be looking at unattractive and smelly stains from dead and dying Asian lady beetles. Here are some simple ways to deter these pests until your bug exterminator arrives: Asian - lady - beetle

    Install Screens

    Even if you have not noticed an infestation of Asian lady beetles, you should still install screens around your home. Cover all of your windows, doors, and any cracks or holes that might lead into your home. To keep other pests out, use a metal mesh that will help with bug control and rodent control.

    Seal Cracks

    If you find cracks or holes in your foundation or your walls—exterior and interior—then seal them up right away. Any type of bug, including Asian lady beetles and bees, can find their way into your home through these cracks. To deter any type of infestation, plug the hole with steel wool and caulking. This will discourage all types of bugs and rodents who may try to enter your home.

    Vacuum Them Up

    In the event you find an infestation of Asian lady beetles in your home, then you can remove them by vacuuming them up. This is a cleaner style of bug removal because these beetles will leave behind a messy residue when they are killed. If you squash them or surprise them, they tend to release a smelly, yellow residue that can stain your carpet or linens. It is best to suck them up through a handheld vacuum and throw away the remains in a sealed bag.

    Call Professionals

    It is always the smart choice to call a professional and qualified bug exterminator. Whether you have Asian lady beetles or another pest infestation, a bug exterminator can examine all possible points of entry the bugs have, seal them permanently, and remove the bugs in a manner that is safe to you and your property.

  • Why Do You Have Kitchen Ants?

    It can become common, especially in the spring and summer months, to see small, dark ants crawling around your kitchen counters or in your pantry. These annoying pests have chosen your home for a reason: Food and water supply. Thankfully, these ants can be removed with some simple bug control or a professional bug exterminator near Crystal Lake.

    Watch the video to see more about what these tiny ants are attracted to in your kitchen. If you frequently leave unwashed dishes in the sink or food lying around the kitchen, then you need to start some serious bug control. Ants are attracted to these food sources. They might also be attracted to a potential water leak under your sink. Be sure to remove these common food and water sources before the infestation gets out of hand. If the ants continue coming, then call your bug exterminator for more help.

  • How to Take Care of Spiders on Your Property

    If you have found a spider’s web, or multiple nests, around your property or in your home, then you should call your spider exterminator of Crystal Lake very soon. There are some dangerous spiders found in the Midwest, and your family should not be exposed to them. Here are some simple ways to control the spider population in your home or around your property:

    • Have a professional spider and bug exterminator spray your property regularly throughout the year. The exterminator can check for signs of spiders’ nests and other bugs during this time, as well.
    • Sweep and vacuum your home regularly to locate and remove potential webs. This regular disturbance will also deter spiders and bugs from building their nests in your home.
    • Maintain your landscaping and monitor any woodpiles or compost piles. Spiders and other insects may find these dark areas appealing.
    • Control the presence of ants, flies, and other small insects around your home and property. These insects are the perfect food source for spiders. If you keep them out of your home and away from your property, spiders are unlikely to inhabit your area for long.

    house - spider

  • How the Power Spray Program Can Help You

    When you are seeking a top quality bug exterminator near Crystal Lake, look no further than Schopen Pest Solutions. Our highly rated bug extermination services can help you take charge of your spider removal needs. One of our most popular bug extermination services is our power spray program . During a power spray service, a trained technician will use special equipment to deliver a treatment to targeted areas of your home. For example, depending on the specific nature of your insect problem, your technician may choose to spray your outdoor foliage, home perimeter, or even under your eaves or window shutters. This highly effective service can be performed as a one off procedure, or it can be incorporated into a yearly or quarterly service for your home. After you have signed up for the power spray program, you can rest assured that your home free and clear from any risk of a spider infestation.

    power - spray

  • Why You Should Control Spiders in Your House

    When you are creating an extermination plan for your property, you may want to include spider control services . While some spiders can actually help you with bug control on your property, others can pose a serious safety threat to you and your loved ones. A company that offers spider control in Crystal Lake will be able to help you identify and remove any venomous spiders that have infiltrated your property. By getting rid of your venomous spiders, you can rest assured that your home is free and clear of dangerous insects. Here is a closer look at three spider species that require immediate attention fro a spider exterminator. spider - control

    Black Widows

    Black widows are among the most notorious venomous spiders in the United States. In fact, a single bite from a black widow spider can be fatal. Since black window spiders are so venomous, you will want to hire an exterminator at the first sign of an infestation. These spiders can be easily identified by the red marks that are found on their abdomens.

    Brown Recluses

    Another spider species that you will want to watch out for in your home is the brown recluse. Like black widow spiders, the bite of a brown recluse is highly poisonous. However, brown recluse bites are not fatal. When you are bitten by a brown recluse, you may experience a highly swollen and painful bite. In order to identify a black widow spider, you may want to look for its unique, six eyed head.

    Hobo Spider

    The presence of hobo spiders in your home should also be a cause for concern. When hobo spiders infest your property, they make take up residence in your window wells, cabinets, and other dark and out of the way places. A hobo spider bite may seem minor at first, but even a tiny bite can swell into a severely painful and infected sore. For total peace of mind, be sure to set up a spider control appointment with your local extermination company.