Tips for Finding Mice in Your House

Are you wondering whether you have a mice infestation near Crystal Lake? Watch this video to find out how you can prevent mice from entering your home and find them if they’re already there. If you believe you already have a rodent infestation, call an exterminator right away to deal with your rodent control problem.

There are a few simple steps you can take to prevent a mouse infestation. First, fill all small gaps and holes around your house with steel wool. Remember, mice can squeeze into tight spaces, so ensure that you take care of holes or gaps the size of a dime or bigger. Keep the floor clear of clutter, so that mice have no place to hide. Lastly, you should frequently inspect your home for mouse droppings and gnaw marks, as well as damaged food products. These are all signs that you already have mice living in your home and need pest control services.

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