• Rat Identification 101

    When rats infiltrate your home , they can cause property damage, contaminate your food, and even spread diseases to you and your family. You should have an exterminator come out right away to inspect your home if you suspect rats might be present. Schopen Pest Solutions can handle rodent control in Crystal Lake and help you get rid of rats once and for all with pest removal.

    There are two major kinds of rats that often give homeowners problems. Norway rats, which are also called brown or sewer rats, have gray or brown bodies, relatively short tails, and are often found underneath buildings, near trash cans, and inside of wood piles. They like to use shredded up clothing and paper to create their nests. Meanwhile, roof rats, also called black rats, can climb well and tend to make their nests up in trees and on top of high structures. Both of these types of rats can create havoc in homes and should be dealt with immediately. When you hire Schopen Pest Solutions to serve as your pest control specialist, we will eliminate your rat problem as quickly as possible with our superb pest control services. Rat identification

  • Winter Is Here and Rats May Be Invading Your Home

    When it starts to get cold outside, mice, rats, and other rodents begin to look for a warm place to live during the winter season. Not only does it keep them comfortable, but warm places also usually have food available for them. You can prevent them from setting up shop inside of your home by having rodent control done today. You can also get rid of mice in Crystal Lake and rid your home of rats by working with a pest control service to take the proper steps to do it. Here is what you should do to keep the rats away this winter. Rats

    Close Up Any Entrances to Your Home

    Mice and rats are skilled when it comes to sneaking into homes through the tiniest of cracks and crevices. You will need to work diligently to seal up any holes on the exterior of your home to stop them from entering. A rodent control company with experience in removing mice and rats will be able to show you the best way to keep them out of your home.

    Seal All of Your Food

    When mice and rats enter your home, they will immediately begin looking for food. They will get it by chewing through whatever they need to in order to find food. You can make things harder on them by sealing your food in plastic containers and storing them high off the ground so that mice and rats won’t be able to access them easily.

    Look for Signs of Mice and Rats

    Did you find what appears to be rodent droppings in a cabinet in your kitchen? Or have you discovered a hole in the baseboard in your living room? These are signs of the presence of rodents, and you should take them seriously.

    Call a Rodent Control Company for Help With Removal

    If you suspect that you have rodents in your home, contact a rodent control company and ask them to send a rat and mice exterminator immediately. The sooner you get started, the sooner you will be able to eliminate the rodents from your home.

  • Diagnosing a Spider Bite

    If you have a bite on your body that was not caused by a mosquito or another kind of common insect, you might suspect that you were bitten by a spider. Watch this video to hear more about spider bites and to see why you should consider calling a company that specializes in spider control in Crystal Lake .

    Most spiders are not dangerous to your health and, in most cases, a spider bite will hurt less than a bee sting. The pain from a spider bite will also go away in about an hour, if not sooner. However, you should still think about having a spider control company come to your home to treat it for spiders, because there are some spiders that can inject venom into people. By getting rid of these types of spiders, you can protect yourself and your family.

  • A Look at Some Common Household Spiders

    The sight of a spider is too much for some homeowners to take. While flies, bees, mosquitoes, and other insects can all cause a reaction in the average homeowner, there are very few people who like spiders. They like them even less when they are located in a place where they spend most of their time. You can eliminate spiders from your home today by obtaining pest control services near Crystal Lake. Here are just a few of the spiders that you might find lurking around inside your home. Household spider

    American House Spider

    This type of spider is typically yellowish brown with spots on it. American house spiders are known to frequent closets, garages, sheds, basements, and the spaces underneath of furniture. They don’t have good vision, so they will not usually become aggressive with people.

    Domestic House Spider

    Domestic house spiders are dark orange or brown and have dark bands on their legs. They like to hide behind furniture and in very dark places like attics, basements, and other places where they are unlikely to be disturbed. They compete for space with other spiders and can spread throughout your home if they aren’t stopped.

    Yellow Sac Spider

    Sac Spiders are small hunters that build silky tubes in cracks, creases or hidden in clothing. They are particularly annoying because they will build their silken retreats right out in the open at the top of walls where the wall meets the ceiling. The Yellow Sac spider can be found in homes from coast to coast. They are easily distinguishable by their banana-colored bodies. While they are not really poisonous to humans, their bite can be painful and have been known to wake sleeping victims.

    Wolf Spiders

    Wolf spiders are active hunters. They are without question the number one spider that causes stress in homeowners. Wolf spiders have excellent vision and can spot humans approaching which helps them to flee. Wolf Spiders are tannish to brown in color and can vary in size from a quarter of an inch up to 1.5 inches. People tend to find them in garages, crawl spaces and basements.