• Don’t Let Rodents Take Over Your Home

    Rodent control in Crystal Lake is essential, especially during the winter. If you do not have regular and professional rodent control in your home, then you risk an infestation of great proportions. Rodents, such as rats and mice, can reproduce quickly and destroy your home in a matter of months. Without the work of a trained exterminator and various rodent control methods, rodents could eventually take over your home and leave you with potentially high house repair costs and lasting health problems. Here is a better look at some ways to keep rodents from taking over your home:

    • Consult with a qualified exterminator about the various areas of weakness around your house and property. These might include cracks or holes in your walls, water sources, and easily-accessed food sources.
    • If you notice any signs of rodents on your property, call your rodent exterminator right away. To prevent a dangerous infestation, you must remove the rodents as soon as possible.

    Maintain a clean house and property, which is free of large woodpiles, junk, and other areas rodents may gather. Keep your pantry clean and all foods sealed in plastic containers.

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  • The Dangers of Spiders in Your House

    Whether you have arachnophobia or not, spiders are often not a welcome addition to your home. Spider webs and other signs of spiders can make your home seem unattractive and dirty, but they may also make your home more dangerous. If you notice spider nests near your Crystal Lake home, then you may be at risk for dangerous, venomous spider bites and other pest infestations and should call a pest management professional. Continue reading for a closer look at the dangers of having spiders in your house. Spider Dangers | Schopen Pest Solutions

    Spiders may bite and cause severe health issues

    Though spiders often bite out of defense—rather than through a non-provoked attack—some bites can be extremely venomous. Black widows, brown recluse spiders, and wolf spiders are some of the most common and dangerous spiders found in the United States and in the Midwest. These spider bites can lead to extreme pain, respiratory issues, and even necrosis. If you see a spider nest or even suspect you have one of these dangerous spiders in your home, then call a qualified exterminator right away. If left unchecked, you, a family member, or a beloved pet may become the victim of a spider bite and other health issues.

    Spiders may be a sign of other pest infestations

    Spiders are not picky eaters; if it can be caught in their web, they will likely eat whatever they find. Spiders will typically eat flies, ants, moths, and other spiders. However, signs of spiders in your home could mean that you have another pest infestation, which could be dangerous too. You may need a bug exterminator to inspect your house for dangerous spiders and other pest infestations, such as ants or Asian lady beetles.

    Spiders may make your house appear unattractive

    Even if you always maintain a clean house, you could still attract spiders. Spider nests are not a sign of an unclean house or homeowner. However, outside observers may be put off by the appearance of spider nests and webs around your house. Strive to keep your home clean of all pests and bugs with effective and professional bug control.

    Spider Control Services in McHenry, IL

    Schopen Pest Solutions can help get rid of spiders in your home. Call (847) 529-2847 to set up an inspection today.

  • Get the Facts About House Mice

    Exterminators in Crystal Lake know everything there is to know about house mice, including their habits, their size, and how to conduct proper mouse control . However, many homeowners will have a mouse infestation without knowing anything about their tiny invaders. Let’s look at some facts about house mice that might help with future mouse control. house - mice

    Fact #1: Mice can squeeze through tiny openings.

    House mice are already small creatures—typically weighing in at half an ounce—but they have the ability to mold and shape their bodies to squeeze through tiny openings when they need to. Through openings the size of a dime, a house mouse may have access to your home.

    Fact #2: Mice can spread dangerous diseases.

    Though a mouse infestation can be annoying and damaging to a house, it can also be dangerous to humans’ health. Mice can carry up to 200 human pathogens, including the Hantavirus and Salmonella. Both of these bacteria can cause significant health problems and even cause fatalities if not treated right away. Effective mouse control is the only way to prevent these dangerous diseases from entering a house.

    Fact #3: Mice can eat up to 20 times a day.

    Even though house mice are exceptionally small, they are still voracious eaters of almost anything they can find. One mouse can eat about 15 to 20 times in one day; the food source will typically be grains or cereals found in house pantries. However, house mice will also eat or utilize other materials for their nests. These materials might include linens, cardboard, and even wood.

    Fact #4: Mice can reproduce rapidly.

    Another aspect of effective mouse control is to not allow mice to reproduce. One female house mouse can produce up to 50 offspring in one year. If even a quarter of those offspring are female, a mouse infestation can begin very quickly. Mouse control and removal is the only way to avoid a rapidly-growing infestation.

  • Keeping Mice Away

    Effective mouse control near Crystal Lake involves your exterminator and making your property unattractive to mice. Mice and other rodents can make a nest out of almost anything, including wooden furniture and cardboard boxes. They can eat and find water through the simplest of ways, such as an open box of cereal or flour. By removing these features, though, you can keep mice away from your home. Watch the video for more tips and tricks on effective mouse control.

    To keep mice away from your property, keep it cleaned and free of debris. Ensure your yard does not regularly carry junk or large woodpiles that mice and other pests can use as shelter. Remove dead plants, leaves, and other areas that mice might like to eat or use as a nest. Consult with your exterminator about other forms of mouse control to keep mice away from your property.

  • What to Do About Boxelder Bugs

    Once the weather cools, it’s not uncommon for people to notice more critters in their home than they are accustomed to seeing. If you’re thinking about calling a bug exterminator near Crystal Lake because of a boxelder bug problem, then continue reading to learn what to do about this type of seasonal pest. Boxelder - Bug

    Seal Your Home

    Boxelder bugs start making an appearance in homes in the fall. Because they like to spend winter indoors, they will commonly find their way inside through any hole that they can find. To help keep boxelder bugs out of your house this season, conduct a thorough inspection of your home and close any possible entrances. Use a high-quality silicone or silicone-latex caulk to seal crevices and cracks, repair any holes in your window panes and screens, and install door sweeps at your exterior entrances.

    Deal with Water

    Removing excess moisture in and around your home is an excellent way to make your property less attractive to many pests. This season, check your interiors, the garage, your crawlspace or basement, and the area surrounding your home for signs of water leaks or poor drainage. Dealing with moisture issues is an excellent way to practice preventive bug control.

    Maintain Your Landscaping

    An additional way to help keep boxelder bugs away from your home is to keep the area surrounding the building’s exterior clean and tidy. When you have leaves, grass clippings, and other debris accumulated around your home, these materials can provide shelter for bugs and make it easier for them to make their way indoors.

    Call a Professional

    If you already know that you have a boxelder bug infestation in your home, then it’s best to call in the pros about bug removal services. Contact a bug exterminator and schedule an appointment to have your home assessed. After evaluating your boxelder problem, your pest professional can explain your options and offer advice about how to handle the boxelder bug infestation.

  • Where Do Mice Like to Live?

    Mice are common cold-weather pests that love to spend the winters inside homes. If you’re worried that you may need rodent removal in Crystal Lake because there are signs of mice in your home, then read on to learn about where these critters like to live so you can detect and prevent mouse problems. Field - Mouse

    Where it Is Warm

    Once the temperatures begin to drop, there are several household pests that start making appearances indoors. This is because, like you, the average rodent will choose a warm location over a cold one. For this reason, if your home is warm, then it is inviting to mice, and you should take precautions to help keep them outdoors and avoid the need for pest removal services.

    Where There Is Food

    Cold weather also means that there is less food available for mice outdoors. If you have anything in or around your home that mice will eat, then this can attract these rodents and encourage them to settle into your house. If you keep pet food or bird seed outside, then be sure to store these items inside of airtight containers. Also, check your garbage bins for holes and ensure that their lids close properly. Inside your home, inspect your pantry and transfer anything in open containers into ones that you can seal. Also, clean up pet bowls when they aren’t in use and do not leave food or dirty dishes around your kitchen. Taking these steps can help prevent the need for rodent removal services.

    Where They Can Fit

    Most mice are quite small to begin with, and many of these critters can fit through openings the size of a dime. This means that mice can make their way into your home, garage, or shed through even tiny holes. To practice good mouse control this season and help keep your home rodent-free, repair holes in your buildings, replace torn screens, install door sweeps, and seal up cracks and crevices.

  • The Differences Between Rats and Mice

    When they need rodent extermination or pest removal, it’s not uncommon for people to be unsure about the animal that they are dealing with. Do you need pest management in Crystal Lake for rat or mouse control services ? If so, then you may have questions about these pests. Watch this video to learn about the differences between rats and mice.

    Both rats and mice are mammals that have an important place in the food chain, and both are also small rodents. However, mice are much smaller than rats and have rounded ears and hairy tails. Rats are larger, have ears and noses that are more elongated than those of mice, and their tails have almost no hair.

  • Pest Spotlight: Silverfish

    If you have begun to notice small, slender insects crawling around your property, there is a chance that you may be experiencing a silverfish infestation. Unfortunately, these hearty insects can be very difficult to exterminate once they have invaded your property. With assistance from a bug exterminator in Crystal Lake , however, you will be able to completely remove bothersome silverfish from your home. To highlight the importance of bug control, here is an overview of some essential facts about silverfish. silverfish - pest

    Silverfish Cannot Fly

    In order to identify a silverfish problem in your home, you may want to look out for their unique behavior patterns. Unlike cockroaches and other common household insects, silverfish never evolved to have wings. Since silverfish are completely flightless, they can be seen scurrying and wriggling across floors, walls, and other household surfaces. Due to their unique running motion and silvery, scaly bodies, silverfish were named after a familiar aquatic animal.

    Silverfish Prefer Moisture

    When silverfish invade your home, they will be drawn to moist, damp environments. A colony of silverfish requires moisture in order to survive. When your exterminator is seeking out a silverfish colony in your home, he may start by looking in moist areas, such as underneath your kitchen sink or near your bathroom appliances. In order to prevent a silverfish infestation from overtaking your home, it is a good idea to manage any plumbing leaks and other moisture-prone areas.

    Silverfish Shed Their Skins

    Over the three to six year lifespan of a silverfish, the bug will shed its skin continually. When you are experiencing a silverfish infestation, you may start to notice shed skins around your property. In fact, one of the top signs of a silverfish problem is the appearance of these thin, metallic skins. If you have seen live bugs or their shed skins in your house, you should be sure to set up an extermination appointment right away.

  • What to Expect from Schopen’s Initial Service

    When you are seeking top quality pest control in Crystal Lake, be sure to get in touch with Schopen Pest Solutions . Our experienced exterminators will make sure that your pest problem has been fully and completely eliminated. When you set up pest control with our company, your appointment will begin with an initial service. This hour long appointment will include all of the services that are needed to identify and address a pest problem in your home.

    To get ready for your pest control appointment with Schopen, it is a great idea to read up about our initial service. During your first appointment, an exterminator will perform a careful visual inspection of your property. Next, your exterminator will explain all of the services that will be needed to eliminate your pest problem. Finally, your home will receive its first pest treatment. After this initial treatment, you will be able to talk to your exterminator to determine whether your property is in need of additional extermination services.

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  • Spotting the Signs of Mice in Your Home

    The fall season has arrived, and now is the time when mice and rodents start to take shelter inside homes and other indoor spaces. In order to protect your house from a mouse infestation this fall, you will want to set up services with a licensed exterminator serving Crystal Lake . Your pest removal technician will have access to all of the tools and products that are needed to achieve total mouse control on your property. To help you decide when you need to contact your exterminator, here is an overview of the common signs of mice in your home. pest - control

    Fecal Droppings

    When you are searching for mice your home, you may want to be on the lookout for signs of fecal droppings. When a mouse colony infests a home, they will leave their droppings throughout the area of infestation. If you spot the signs of mouse droppings, it is important to avoid touching the contaminated area. Instead, you can remove the droppings and eliminate the infestation by calling in a team of professional exterminators.

    Nesting Materials

    As a colony of mice enters a home, they will be searching for nesting materials. Mice prefer to nest in soft, fuzzy materials, such as pieces of fabric, soft grass, and other materials. Typically, mice will also choose to nest as close as possible to their food sources. If you spot the signs of a mouse nest in your house, you will want to set up a professional extermination appointment immediately.

    Strange Sounds

    To identify a mouse infestation in your home, you may also want to be aware of any strange and unusual sounds around your property. Mice can be identified throughout their distinctive, squeaking sounds. Along with squeaks and peeps, you may also hear subtle scratching and scurrying noises. In order to protect your household against the dangers of a mouse infestation this fall, be sure to get in touch with a top rated pest control company near you.