• Getting the Facts About Spider Control

    Spiders play a very important role in managing the presence of other pests and insects. However, it’s important to manage the presence of spiders by keeping them out of parts of your home where they could be dangerous or annoying. Here are some helpful tips for spider control in your Crystal Lake home.

    Keep Your Home Neat

    One of the most important things you can do is to stay organized and keep your home clutter-free. Garages, attics, and basements in particular ought to be cleaned and decluttered regularly to prevent spiders and other insects from nesting. Spiders prefer quiet, secluded places, so minimizing opportunities to get cozy in cluttered areas will keep these pests moving along.

    Seal Your Home

    Spiders often find their way into the home through small cracks and entry points that often go unnoticed by humans. Window screen cracks, damaged siding, or rotting fascia board can appear to be an open door for spiders and other pests. Keeping your home in good repair and sealing potential entry points will help to keep spiders out.

    Call an Exterminator

    If you’ve taken all the necessary precautions, or simply just need a fresh spider-free start, calling your local Crystal Lake exterminator might be a good step. Exterminators can help to kill or significantly reduce the existing spider population. This can help to make your home repairs and decluttering more effective, and can reduce the likelihood of future infestations and nesting in your home.

    Be Mindful of Bringing Outdoor Items Inside

    Many spider infestations begin when homeowners take furniture, boxes, or other materials from an infested outdoor area into the home. For example, moving boxes from your garage into a room to unpack, or storing your patio furniture in your basement, can grant a free pass for spiders to enter your home without much effort on their part. Before you move outdoor items into your home, inspect and clean them carefully to prevent any unwanted guests from hitching a ride.

  • Rodents and Your Health

    Mice and rats are known to carry and transmit at least 25 different diseases, a number of which can prove fatal. Although rodent urine and feces are primarily the ways in which such diseases are transmitted to humans, there are other ways that rats and mice can cause you or your family to become very ill. Watch this video to learn more about the health risks of a rodent infestation and why you should seek rodent control at the first sign of mice or rats in your home.

    Considering all the serious and potentially life-threatening diseases that can be transmitted by rats and mice, it’s critical for your health and the health of your family that you seek professional rodent control in Crystal Lake if you suspect rodents in your home. Rat and mice exterminators use the most effective methods to rid your home of rodents that can expose your family to considerable health risks.

  • Amazing (and Frightening) Facts about Spiders

    With Halloween just around the corner (or in the rearview mirror, depending on when you read this) there are spiders to be found everywhere. But while the plastic creepy-crawlies that serve as Halloween decorations might not be very scary, the real ones lurking around your home are another story. Although spiders play a vital role in ecosystems around the planet, they have no business inside your home. To highlight the importance of getting rid of spiders with the help of your Crystal Lake pest control provider , consider these incredible and equally terrifying facts about spiders.

    Female Spiders Lay Thousands of Eggs

    When we say female spiders lay thousands of eggs, we don’t just mean they lay thousands of eggs in their lifetime but rather thousands of eggs at one time . In fact, females can lay up to 3,000 eggs at one time. Although a small number of these eggs will develop into mature spiders, this fact highlights how quickly one or two spiders can explore into hundreds or even thousands if not dealt with.

    Jumping Spiders Jump…Really Far

    There are approximately 300 different species of jumping spiders in the United States and Canada, and some of them are really good at what they do. Some species can jump up to 50x their own body length, which is more than enough to mount a surprise attack while you’re leaning in for a closer look. Although jumping spiders are not poisonous , contact a pest control company to make sure they get into your home and jump into your food or into your bed.

    Spiders Are Hard to Kill

    We should clarify—it’s not true that the pesticides themselves are ineffective, but rather the fact that most spiders are smart enough to avoid areas that have been treated with chemicals designed to kill them. That’s why the best way to deal with spiders in and around your home is to work with an exterminator or pest control professional that specializes in the most effective spider control methods available.

  • The Essentials of Winter Pest Prevention

    Temperatures are dropping fast in Illinois and Wisconsin, and that means pests of all shapes and sizes will be coming in from the cold looking for a cozy place to call home during the winter. Fortunately, there are some easy things you can do to keep your home pest-free over the coming months:

    • Keep food in airtight containers and dispose of garbage regularly
    • Store firewood at least 20 feet from your home and inspect firewood carefully before bringing it inside
    • Seal cracks and hole on the outside of your home, and install screens over chimney vents and openings
    • Install gutters to channel water away from your home and fix plumbing leaks to cut off water sources for pests interested in moving in for the holidays

    If you want to enjoy the winter months and all the great holidays to come without worrying about ants, termites, silverfish, rodents, or spiders, leave winter pest control to the professionals at Schopen Pest Solutions. A local company with more than 20 years of experience in the pest control industry, Schopen Pest Solutions provides the best pest control in Crystal Lake and throughout Northern Illinois and South East Wisconsin. To schedule winter pest control, call (847) 613-4589 or contact Schopen Pest Solutions online.