• Signs You May Have an Ant Problem

    The presence of ants is not necessarily an ant problem, and it may not call for an ant exterminator in Crystal Lake; ants can actually be very helpful when it comes to cleansing your soil of debris and insect eggs. While these helpful ants may be fine to leave alone, you may encounter other instances where you are forced to deal with a real ant problem that should be addressed by a professional pest control service. Here is a quick look at a few signs that you may have an ant problem.

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    Plant Damage

    Ants may feed on all sorts of food materials including seeds, small animals, and vegetables. If you have a garden that you are proud of and enjoy tending to, an abundance of ants can eventually pose a problem for your growth. Not only will they feed on your vegetables, flowers, and other growth, they will also protect insects that contribute to the destruction of your plants. Certain plant pests excrete honeydew as they feed, which the ants then feed on themselves. Ants are also capable of accidentally spreading plant diseases throughout your garden . Pines, corn, and strawberries are particularly susceptible to becoming damaged.

    Loose Soil

    A finely manicured lawn can lose some of its visual appeal if it is dotted with mounds of loose soil. Ants continually create tunnels throughout their nests as well as small mounds to cover them. This can cause the roots of your vegetables or flowers to be exposed to air, which can lead to plant death if too many roots are affected. A serious ant problem may even impact the structural integrity of certain stone structures by hollowing out their soil foundations.


    When ants grow their nests to the point of overflowing they swarm together to move to a new home, and a swarm of ants will not improve the aesthetic appeal of your garden. Ants will also swarm together to protect pests that excrete honeydew, which will also inherently sabotage the look of your garden. Call a pest control professional if think you may have an ant problem.

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  • What to Do About Ants

    The moment you see ants in your home, it’s important to call a pest control professional who specializes in ant extermination near Crystal Lake. Underground ant colonies and nests in your walls are extremely hard to eradicate without professional exterminators’ methods.

    Pest control companies use several different strategies to control ant infestations. You can help in in the initial phase of an integrated pest management plan by eliminating items that attract ants. For more information on how to minimize the impact from an ant infestation in your home, watch this video. You will learn several things you can do to discourage these pests from entering your home.

  • Common Causes of Ant Problems


    Tiny, agile ants can enter a home through nearly invisible cracks in the walls, foundation, and siding. If you notice ants anywhere inside your house, call a pest exterminator near Crystal Lake as soon as possible. Simply killing the visible ants will not be enough to solve your infestation problem. Integrated pest management requires you to eliminate the causes of the infestation so that your pest control treatment will be more effective. Common causes of ant problems include:

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    Leaving Food on the Counter

    Like many creatures, ants are drawn to food by their sense of smell. Uncovered plates of cookies, cake, and other sweets left on the counter are ant magnets, and can attract them even when your house seems totally closed up. Don’t leave food uncovered on the counter overnight, and clean up all spills and crumbs regularly to avoid attracting ants. Also, remember to sweep out the area between kitchen counters and appliances to remove stray crumbs

    Letting Landscaping Get Too Wild

    In order to climb from their underground colonies or anthills into your home, ants can use vegetation such as bushes and other landscaping features. When the leaves or branches touch the exterior walls of your home, they provide convenient bridges for ants to use to find cracks in the siding where they can enter. Keep your hedges tidy to minimize this, or you might have to call an exterminator to help end your ant problem and eliminate the entire colony.

    Allowing Food Waste to Build Up Under Appliances

    In the course of regular cooking, you will naturally splatter a bit of grease in your kitchen, and drop crumbs on the floor. These crumbs can then get swept under the fridge, dishwasher, or stove and remain there for quite some time. However, ants can smell these tiny morsels even if you can’t, and they will be attracted to them. To avoid problems that require ant extermination, sweep under appliances regularly, and even vacuum underneath them if you can.

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  • Pests to Watch For in the Spring


    During every season, there are different types of pests that can infest your home and require the professional attention of a pest control service serving Crystal Lake. Rodents are most noticeable during the winter, but as soon as the weather starts to warm up there are new pests you need to watch out for.

    Flies | Schopen Pest Solutions During spring, you will start to see the first flies of the season. Did you know that there are pest control measures an exterminator can take to eliminate them? Also, as the frost of winter disappears, ants will begin to come out of their burrows and start to search for food, and they can find their way into your home through tiny cracks in the outer walls. Other insects that resurge in the spring include Asian lady beetles and Boxelder bugs. Single cone wasps also start to become active in the spring. To avoid getting stung when removing a nest, hire exterminators for the pest removal process. Call Schopen Pest Solutions today at (847) 529-2847.