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Crystal Lake Follow Up Service

Guarantee Your Home's Pests Are Gone

Regardless of the pest infesting your home or yard, we can handle the job! We serve clients throughout the entire Northern Illinois & Southern Wisconsin areas, inclusing cities like Lakemoor, Crystal Lake, Barrington & Wauconda, You can find out more areas we service by giving us a call today!

We always provide a follow-up service for each of our clients in order to:

  • Determine the extent and severity of your pest problem
  • Determine if contamination has occurred
  • Get an update about the amount of pests you are still seeing after the initial service

This comprehensive follow-up service is usually scheduled weekly for problems with roaches, within two weeks of your initial service for mice, and up to four or five weeks after your first service for most other pests.

Attention to Detail

For a free, no-obligation quote, call our office in Lakemoor at (847) 529-2847 and one of our friendly technicians would be happy to speak with you to explain our programs and what you can expect with your service plan.