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Keeping Rodents Out of Your Home During the Winter

Keeping Rodents Out of Your Home During the Winter

When the temperatures drop outside, what’s better than staying cozy inside your warm home? Unfortunately, rodents feel the same way, and they spend the winter looking for the perfect home to invade. When you spot rodents in your house, call your pest control company in McHeny County as soon as possible to get them under control, but there are also things you can do to stop a rodent infestation before it starts. Follow this advice to make your home look less attractive to rodents during the winter months.

Seal Up Entry Points

Rodents are extremely adept at entering spaces through very small spaces. All a mouse or rat needs is a small crack or crevice to get into your house. Prevent them from entering by carefully inspecting the exterior of your home and sealing any spaces you find. Pay close attention to the areas in which hoses and pipes enter your house, as cracks often develop along those entry points. Any damaged hoses or pipes should also be repaired.

Trim Trees and Shrubbery

Branches and shrubbery that are close to your home provide the perfect cover for rodents who want to get close to your house. Keep them trimmed back, so that rodents don’t have any place to hide as they approach your home. They will be less likely to get near your house if they have to move through an open space than if they can do so hidden by bushes or tree limbs.

Rethink Your Storage

If you have a fireplace, always keep your firewood at least 20 feet from your home, and never store it on the ground. Ideally, it should be at least five feet off the ground to prevent it from becoming a hiding place for rodents. If you have boxes in a garage, basement, or outside your home, these should also be stored off the ground. Boxes and stacks of papers are beloved nesting spots for rodents, and keeping them off the ground makes them less attractive.